Lets give thanks for incest and ageplay

When most people think of Thanksgiving they think of turkey, pie and football.  When I think of Thanksgiving I think of incest and Ageplay Phone Sex.  That is because my first taste of age play and incest was at thanksgiving.  I remember it so clear.  I had walked into the bathroom without knocking and my uncle was standing there with his cock in his hand.  I froze.  I couldn’t walk away.  Something deep inside me got warm and tingly.  I had thought he might be going to the restroom but he was moving his hand up and down his shaft.  I took a step closer and the door shut.  He turned to me, shocked that I wasn’t running away.  My eyes were glued on his dick and I licked my lips.


He asked me what I was doing.  I told him I wasn’t sure but I wanted to touch it too.  He took my small delicate hand and wrapped it around his dick.  My fingers didn’t even come close to connecting around.  He helped me stroke him.  It was so hard yet soft at the same time.  I remember him twisting my hand on it as it went up and down and this wet stuff coming out of the tip that I rubbed on my fingers.  He told me to taste it.  I sucked on my fingers and closed my eyes as I let out a yummy moan.  He told me to bend down and lick the head of his cock where there was a fresh bead waiting for me.  My little tongue darted out and lapped it up.  I began to twirl it around his head then before I knew it I was sucking on it.  He was genital and coached me to take it deeper and deeper.  He was moaning and that made something happen in my panties and I felt like I peed them a little but I knew I hadn’t.  Then all of a sudden he stopped me and told me he was about to cum.  I didn’t know what that meant but I figured it was a good thing.  He asked me if I wanted to taste his load and swallow it.  At this point I would do anything because it made me feel so good and warm all over.  I said yes please and he pumped his cock in my mouth a few more times before this hot cream came pouring in my mouth.   I tasted like nothing I have ever tasted but I liked it and greedily drank every drop.  And to this day I can never get enough ageplay and incest Phone Sex at Thanksgiving!