Although I love being with men. I love fucking them I love sucking their cocks and I love taking it up the ass like any other sexy bitch. But sometimes Momma wants to find her own G-spot. I’m all grown up but momma still likes to play with her toys. I like toys that vibrate and spin and do suction and that have ridges. But I really love a nice, fat dildo that I can wiggle in my pussy and make it dripping wet. While I’m in the shower I like to play with my rubber dildo and slide it in my pussy while the water runs over my big, fat titties and streams down to my pussy. I lift up my leg and push it in hard and wiggle it around until I find my G-spot. I can make myself moan and groan with pleasure. I know my body better than any man and know how to make myself cum all day long. I love to make my pussy wet. I can cum anytime I want and anywhere. Sometimes when I’m in the kitchen making something sweet, like fudge or baking a cake, I start to cream  in my panties while I’m mixing in all those juicy ingredients. I’ll take a little break and get out one of my toys and masturbate right there by the kitchen counter.

What’s that you’re saying? “Where’s me Dinner?” Are you kidding me? Momma’s got a dildo stuck in my cunt. I can’t give you want YOU want because I’m too busy pleasing myself. Give me a break and LET MOMMA MASTURBATE.

It’s alright by me if you want to watch me make myself cum. I’ll be nice and wet and juicy. Hey, when you watch Momma make herself  cum I bet your dick will be as hard as a rock. And when I’m done and you can jump in and you can make Momma Genie cum again.


Written by:  Momma Genie

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Genie 888-643-2055

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