“Let Me Blow You,” I say to him.

Damien sat on the end of the bed, naked, full of anticipation, waiting. I was topless, my tits bouncing with every step I took. In his eyes I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, my long blonde hair pulled towards one side and my big brown eyes staring into his. I bent down to take his hard cock in my hand, but he stopped me, grabbing both my wrists with his hands. “You know what I like,” he said as he looked over to a pack of cigarettes sitting on the dresser. When he let go of my wrists, I walked over to the dresser and grabbed the pack of cigarettes. I pulled one out of the pack and placed it between my dark, red lips, staining the end with my lip color.

Damien’s dick began to grow as he saw the cigarette hang from my mouth and he waited for me to light it. I dangled it in my mouth, using my tongue to roll it back and forth in my mouth. As I did this, his eyes grew hungrier and his cock grew harder. I took off my panties and as I stood there, completely naked in front of him, his breath grew heavier and I could see his sexual appetite rise. I smiled, knowing that he craved me. “Please light it. I want to feel your breath on me as you smoke it.”

I did as he asked. I drew on the cigarette deeply and blew it on his throbbing dick. I took another drag, inhaling deeply, and then wrapped my red lips around the tip of his cock and slowly pushed my head down it, bringing the shaft to the back of my throat as I let the smoke out through my nose. I alternated between sucking on the cigarette and his cock, smearing my lipstick as I sucked on both things with my mouth. I began to feel him shake, and when I reached to grab his balls with my free hand, he came hard. I pushed his convulsing cock deep into my smoked filled lungs and his cum spilled out over my lipstick smeared lips. When he was done cumming, I took one last drag on the cigarette and kissed his lips with my cum stained mouth and filled his mouth with the smoke from the cigarette.

Then I left him to go take a shower.