Yes, you heard it right. I love lesbians. I mean, who wouldn’t? They are my latest obsession when I am alone at nights and very horny. Usually I love all kind of porn, even some I may be ashamed to admit. Lo. Lately though, like I said I’ve just really been into two hot girls playing with each other till I cum. It is so fucking sexy.

What kind of lesbian porn gets me soaking wet you might be asking yourself? I obviously have a type. Sometimes I browse around for a long time those very popular sites, other times I just rewatch videos that I just love. One thing is that I love teen lesbians so that is usually where I start. I feel like such a perv saying it, but who cares. I am here to confess that I am a huge perv, and I know all of you love it. Lol. I prefer blondes. My pussy gets moist if I find something that has some young blondes.

Blondes are not everything though, I do prefer them but is what they’re going in the porn video that really gets me going. I love to search for double dildo fun. There is nothing more sexy than seeing two hot girls backing their ass up a big dildo. Moaning and cumming at the same time. I also really fucking love strap on fun. Who wouldn’t? In fact I love it so much I have been really craving bending over a hot thing, spreading her ass apart and pushing deep in one thrust a big plastic cock.

I’d love to know what kind of porn you watch. Especially if it’s something really fucking naughty. Maybe you and I have the same taste in it. Maybe we can have some fun watching it together.


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