Naked and ready for some pussy licking sex while laughing at a pathetic small dick!

Emily and her pathetic little boyfriend came over for a game night and I have the perfect game in mind! We planned it ahead of time, pussy boy Michael has no idea about what’s about to happen.  Emily’s and my naked bodies are rubbing together while we are tasting each other’s tongues right in front of the pathetic small dick pervert. His face is priceless, he doesn’t know how to react.

“What are you looking at Michael? Pull that little dick of yours out and stroke it like the little pervert you are!” Emily yelled to him and then started playing with my pussy with her cold fingers. He did what he was told and didn’t fight back. Of course not, he knows he’s pathetic. Getting super wet by her rubbing on my clit, I can’t contain my moans.

I look up at Michael’s pathetic small dick and laugh.

“Wow Emily, I can’t believe you would stay with a loser like him! His dick is so tiny, there’s no way he could please you better than I could. How fucking sad!” She laughs back and agrees with me. His eyes give a look showing how embarrassed he was. I slide down between her legs and start licking her pussy, I look up and flash my middle finger to Michael and his pathetic small dick.

“Hey, Bitch Boy! Do you see how wet I made Emily? This isn’t the first time I’ve fucked her better than you!” I go back to licking her beautiful yummy pussy.

Breathy and between moans she adds her input. ” I can’t even imagine fucking his pathetic small dick anymore, I can’t even tell when he’s inside me. The only way I can tell his dick is out is from the horrid smell that reeks from damn the thing!”

Michael strokes his tiny cock even more with tears coming to his eyes.

After I make Emily’s pussy explode with cum, I think of a new game! ” Emily, I think we should make your bitch boy suck his own pathetic small dick since no one else is going to want to taste that nasty shit.” She laughs and looks at me with her beautiful evil eyes. ” Bitch boy, lay on your back on the cold hard floor and put your cock into your mouth, taste your disgusting little penis!” The pathetic boy does what he’s told but his cock is too small to reach his mouth! How fucking pathetic. “Damn, Michael, you can’t do anything right can you? You can’t please a woman AND you can’t please yourself, you’re such a sad pathetic boy!”

” I think since he can’t do what he was told, he should just eat all of the stinky salty cum!” Emily flashes a sexy evil smile to him and tears start falling. I think we will reach our goal tonight! He continues to stroke himself but faster now, wow, I can’t believe this fucker is actually into this. What a pervert!

We stand over him calling him our bitch, our pathetic dirty bitch while he’s crying and eating his own cum! How hilarious, I want them to come over for a game night, every night!

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