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Every college guy has a lesbian stepmom fantasy. I bet think they about us being insatiable whores who will fuck men and women just together off. I guess porn really is always right. Once I hit my 30s all I wanted was to fuck. It didn’t matter who it was or where I was. My stepson Jake really thought he could tease me and then out do me. He really didn’t have a clue what was coming to him.

Jake and me had been hooking up for some years now. My stepsons cock was addicting. It didn’t matter who else I fucked I would always come back for more of Jake. This time around when he was on his break he mentioned he had a lesbian stepmom fantasy and we decided to invute his girlfriend. Jake’s girlfriend was this sweet little blonde, with perky tits and long smooth legs. The plan was I would talk in on them fucking but when I did she wasn’t as surprised as I thought she would be.

Jake’s girlfriend didn’t stop riding his cock. In fact she looked back and smiled, as if she was teasing me. I still played the part, acted surprised and ordered her off of him. Jake stood up and started touching me, playing with my breasts as she watched and played with her pussy. He pulled my tits out and started sucking on them. I immediately started moaning. Jake just knew how to make me melt. Jake’s girlfriend just watched and that’s when I knew she must of known what was going on.

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While Jake sucked on my tits I stroked his dick. Jake was ready to bend me over and I wanted his dick inside me too. I was on all fours, as he started fucking me from behind. And I felt his big young balls bouncing off of my MILF pussy. I buried my face in that teen pussy and started eating Jake’s blondie girlfriend out. Her little cunt tasted so sweet. The harder Jake fucked me, the louder his girlfriend moaned. It was music to his ears until his little girlfriend squirted all over me.

I ordered Jake to keep fucking me and he did. His little teen slut was a trembling mess. She was begging me for more, she was looking straight into my eyes as her boyfriend railed me and begged me to make her cum again. I buried my face in her cunt again. Jake was speechless but his cock stayed hard as he watched his stepmom make his girlfriend squirm in pleasure. She squirted again before I made Jake fill me up.

Jake was drained but his girlfriend and me weren’t. I straddled her, and started scissoring her and letting Jake’s cum spill all over her young cunt. I kissed her, sucked on his tits and made her beg to cum. By this time Jake was just enjoying the show. With my fingers in her pussy I made her tell Jake I made her cum better than she ever has. Once she did, she was allowed to cum.

Jake was ready to go again, and I wanted to keep using his little blonde slut.

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