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Around my neighborhood lots of younger studs roam around on any given holiday. They are all home from school. Lucky me since I am always craving college guy cum. My next door neighbor Brian is looking so grown up this summer. Brian put on some muscle on his first year in school and I wanted to touch him all over. Fortunately for me I had the perfect plan to lure him into my place. Not that I needed to, Brian and me had been flirting all week long.

While talking with Brian’s mom, a close friend of mine, I mentioned to her I needed someone to help me left some heave boxes. She immediately volunteered her son and I obviously accepted all the help I could get. Brian was going to come over later that day and all I could think about was his college guy cum in all of my tight holes. I wanted his young cock so bad I was soaked when he finally stopped by that same day. Brian was wearing grey sweats that showed off his package and a long sleeve tee.

I let Brian come in the house and guided him towards my attic. Brian couldn’t take his eyes away from me. I was wearing a tight cropped top with lots of cleavege and yoga pants. My curves were making him nervous and a little hard. I started to see the outline of his young cock get more defined. Once Brian was done moving boxes I asked him if he wanted something to drink. As we walked to the kitchen I felt him walking way too close to me. Brian’s cock was almost pressed right up against me.

I’m Ready To Swallow His College Guy Cum

Without hesitation I reached back and grabbed his dick over those sweats. Brian wasn’t surpised at all. I think we both knew I wanted his college guy cum for awhile now. Brian was ready to give it to me. His dick was rock hard and leaking as I slip my hand in his pants. Feeling him in my hand as he rubbed my tits and pussy from behind felt so good. Brian whispered he needed me to get on my knees.

On my knees looking up at him I pulled down those pants he was wearing. His big young cock sprung out. Brian was thick, and uncut. The head of his dick was oozing with precum and I just wanted a taste. I licked him clean. Brian wanted to give me his college guy cum! He shoved his dick deep down my throat and face fucked me. Brian pulled my tits out and slapped his dick on then as he ordered me to beg for his cock inside me.

Please give me your cock! I whispered as my mouth was dripping in slobber. Brian pulled me up, bent me over my kitchen island and fucked me hard. He pushed me face down on the cold granite counter and whispered what a dirty little MILF slut I was. Brian made me cum twice before he filled me with his college guy cum load.

Brian said if I wanted a taste of his load, I’d have to cum milk him at his place with his parents downstairs. Maybe I’ll take him up on his offer…

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