Lesbian Sisters! Family Fun On A Whole New Level!

She’s my first best friend and the closest female to me! And in more ways than one! You see I come from a very very open family. Masturbation was encouraged and experimenting was always allowed! Maybe we’re just too damn horny or maybe we’re just way too hot not to touch. In my family, no one is off limits, so that makes me and Nadia the perfect lesbian sisters!

It all started when we were young. We’d always be bathed together in the same bath tub and that was the perfect invitation to explore. our naked young bodies, so soft and sweet. So many places to stick our fingers and so many places to use our tongues! The intense desire for each other only got stronger as we got older…and yes we still shower together from time to time.

I can remember our days after school where we’d head straight for our bedroom and rip off our school girl uniforms! our pussies already so wet and throbbing to be touched! Her tongue is incomparable and it was my very first one! She was also my first kiss, the firs to play with my tits, the first to finger my pussy, and the first to make me squirt! We love leaving the door open for Daddy to listen and watch us! We’d see him standing int he doorway, his bulge so huge, and it’d make us so happy knowing Daddy was watching his pretty daughters play with each other in the most intimate way!

The fun never stops with just the two of us!

Once we got older and could go to clubs and bars we were one amazing team! Seducing freaky and horny men became our past time. And we always love their reaction when they find out we are sisters! She’s only a few years older than me which has always been perfect! That only means that she takes the lead on a lot of playtime, and I’m always a good baby sister and follow!

I can only repay her with my never ending tongue. lying her on her back and licking her until her cum is covering my face! We love an audience too, so don’t be shy, we want those cocks hard and ready to fuck while you watch us give incredible oral to each other. And scissoring with her, has to be my absolute favorite! Our beautiful pink cunts fit perfectly together and our clits become addicted to one another. What can I say, I love my big sister! Call me for freaky taboo phone sex. I’ll give you the whole biography and even invite you in on the fun! <3