Lesbian sex story = you can give me exactly what my girlfriend can’t.

I didn’t understand why a lesbian sex story turned men on so much when I first started my job. Eventually, I realized why guys like watching or hearing about two girls making each other orgasm so much: it’s fucking hot. Duh!!

I’m pansexual and in my “real” life (whatever that means, right?) I have a girlfriend. We live together so, well, as you can imagine she OFTEN hears the fun I have while on a call. The sex we have is amazing and she fucks me so good it makes my eyes water . . . but sometimes I just need something she can’t give me. Know what I’m talking about?

We have a quite the strapon collection, of course, but sometimes I just need a real cock. Hearing a man cum, cumming with or for a man is something I’ll always crave.

Despite my various attempts to seduce her into getting on the phone with me, my girlfriend pretty much opts to keep her whoreish-ness in the closet. Slutever, I guess. I love playing with ALL the other girls here at PSK, but live 2-girl phonesex is my favorite.

My bisexual friend Naomi recently joined me here at the Kingdom. Have you had the pleasure of meeting her yet? She’s so much fun to play with, both on the phone and in person. Maybe we can meet her together . . . and then maybe you can listen to me make her cum?

Knowing you’re listening to me while I fuck another woman senseless turns me on all the more. Three’s definitely not a crowd when it comes to lesbian sex story xxx fun!

Ready for our no limits, no taboos ménages à trois? You know what to do: give me a call.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke