Who knew my brother’s timid girlfriend was a surprise sex bisexual slut?

I love surprise sex, and weddings are so boring.  The last thing I wanted to do was sit through hours of vows and poorly written speeches; I’d much rather be at home watching porn or fucking my new friend.  It only got better after a few glasses of wine, and more interesting when I felt my brother’s girlfriend’s foot sliding up and down my legs.  I looked over and there she was, batting her gorgeous blue eyes and biting her lip in my direction.  Could feel myself growing wet under my little black dress.

I didn’t know that my brother was dating such a naughty little slut.  She seemed like such a good girl, until I felt her hand slide over to my thigh under the table.  Slowly massaging the top of my legs, fingers creeping to feel the growing wet spot on the front of my thong.  It was all I could do not to burst, but then I felt her put something in my hand: her panties that she had slid off.

 I couldn’t take it anymore.

We told our boys we were going to the bathroom.  In the private venue where the wedding party was held, we knew we could get our own private stall.  Someone watching us had to know what we were doing, and I felt like my pussy juice was running down my legs.  She shoved me in and promptly locked the door behind us.  She wasted no time.  Who knew she had all of this in her?  She turned me around with both my hands on the wall and ripped my panties down, tongue immediately finding my swollen clit.

I tried biting my arm so it wouldn’t be too loud for any passing guests, but somebody had to have heard.  Her fingers deep inside fucking my wet little hole, tongue exploring every inch of that dripping pussy.  She kept pumping in and out of me until I knew I was cumming all over her pretty little face.  She kept her mouth until I was completely done like a real, champion pussy eater.

Barely said a word as she licked my juices off of her fingers and gave me a deep kiss.  Then she turned around and was gone, back to the table leaving me soaked and spent.  Now, that’s one way to make any boring situation a really naughty good time.  Want to hear more surprise sex stories?  I can’t wait to tell you all about my bisexual encounters.  I’d love to tell you all about my brother’s girlfriend fucking me, so give me a call.  It’ll be the best phone sex you’ve ever had.