Casey likes lesbian Let me tell you a lesbian sex story that happened to me recently

Let me tell you a lesbian sex story that happened to me recently. I have this older friend that is a lesbian. But she also has a college age daughter that identifies herself as bi, I’ve always gotten along with her very well. And I’m actually closer to her age than her mom. The few times a year I’d visit them, the daughter was always very friendly towards me. And I got a vibe that she was attracted to me. But I put it out of my head as just my imagination. The last time I visited though, I knew I’d been correct in thinking that.

I Always Knew That She Had A Crush On Me

We’d all had a lot of wine with dinner and some excellent conversation. And her mom fell asleep on the couch. More likely passed out, but her daughter and I wanted to go on and continue our conversation. So to let her mom sleep undisturbed, we moved it upstairs to her room and were talking all about sexual experiences, men, orgasms, all that fun stuff. Finally, she just came out and asked if I’d been with another woman.And that she’d always found me attractive and she wanted to sleep with me. I really wasn’t surprised, as I’d always picked up on this from her. I’m not sure if it was the late hour, or the wine, but when she reached over and kissed me. I did not stop her.

I Felt Her Fingers Exploring My Wet Pussy

We were soon intertwined on her bed, legs wrapped around one another. We were French kissing very passionately, and I knew I was wet. She soon slipped her hand down my skirt and panties and commented on it . And I was soon feeling her fingers exploring my wet pussy and feeling very good. A lesbian sex story, like other sex stories, can happen upon you by surprise. And those kind of unexpected surprises can be a very good thing indeed. I was panting heavily as she made me cum with her fingers. We were soon stripped naked and I was touching her pussy as well. I’d never touched another pussy, so it was interesting to touch another’s that was so similar to my own.

I Urged Her To Lick Harder And Faster

She kissed down my bare belly and around the insides of my thighs and it was sheer heaven. There’s a gentleness that another woman has that is unlike a man. And I found that very appealing. I loved the way her tongue explored me, tasted me and made me grip my thighs around her head. And I urged her to lick harder, faster and more intensely until I gushed all over her face.

I soon returned the favor, and was happy to learn all about what it’s like to lick pussy. I felt a bit guilty, thinking of my friend, her mom, asleep downstairs as we were making one another cum over and over. But it felt so good, and I cannot say that I regretted any of it whatsoever. Our lesbian sex story came to a close when I left a few hours later, her mom still asleep. The sun not quite coming up yet. I had a wonderful evening, and I hope there’s many more like it and even better in my future.

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