I finally got the chance to introduce my new love interest to the wonderful world of girl on girl, this is my lesbian sex story.

This is a lesbian sex story: As she lays before me, I dip my mouth to hers. So soft, so full, so tentative, and then she relaxes into my kiss and those lips become eager. I move down her body, kissing every inch of skin I cross. She is starting to wriggle beneath me, this is getting her desire flowing, she wants to see what more I have to give her.

Her breasts So full and shapely, her equally gorgeous nipples are standing erect for me, showing me, she is enjoying my exploration of her. I take one breast in my hand and a nipple in my mouth, she is moaning for me, moaning for more, she loves to have her beautiful breasts adored by my mouth. I can wait any longer, I need to see how she tastes. As I remove her lacy red panties, I am delighted to feel how her juices have soaked them, confirming that I have been pleasing her with my actions.

I push those shapely thighs apart, so I can see how wet she is for me.

As I run a finger up her wet slit, I cannot resist the urge to taste her, I lower my head and run my tongue opening those lavish lips, the smell and taste makes my pussy ache for her now. I lick her pussy and suck on her clit, she arches her back and pushes up into me. I start to push my fingers into her for added pleasure. She feels so perfect around my fingers, so eager for them as her pussy contracts around them. I curve my fingers searching for the spot that will cause her more sensations.

Can feel how close she is, so I increase my efforts and give her what she is craving. I want to make her juices flow for me. Her moans told me she is in ecstasy now as hot fluid runs down my fingers and hand.

I start to lick and suck all her juices off of her as it extends her orgasm.

I lay beside her and she licks my nipples and when I arch my back towards her mouth she instinctively sucks at them. We place ourselves pussy on pussy, clit to clit. She grinds with me, as we both make each other moan. She whispers to me so sweetly that she would like to taste me as I did her. This makes me want to taste her again, so I get her to straddle my face as she leans down to put her lovely lips and gentle tongue into my pussy.  

She is grinding her pussy against my mouth, as I thrust my tongue up to meet her advances, her own efforts on my pussy are increased. It feels wonderful. She is pulling my climax to the surface without even trying. I start to call out to her, telling her how good it feels, how she is going to make me come. She too is going to come again, my mouth is eager to take her juices.

Seeing her so aroused makes me climax, as her own orgasm makes her pussy clench around my tongue and her wonderful taste flow into my mouth, I lap every bit of her juices up and we lay there out of breath making out until round two.

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