Nothing gets my blood running hotter than a good lesbian sex story.

The one with two girls who enjoy each other, you know the lesbian sex story I’m talking about. But it’s so much better in practice, too, especially with an extra partner. There’s nothing like sex with two girls if I do say so myself. Lots of soft bodies, soft hair, and, if they’re like me, a little bit of bratty teasing.

Can’t you imagine it? Two of us, one of us sucking your cock as you lie back in bed, the other on your mouth or neck, letting you play with my tits? Her hair is long, and you can feel it in your thighs as she sucks you, can’t you? It’s so soft and silky.

And when I get behind her to play with her tits, you feel her mouth gasp around your cock. She looks so pretty like this, doesn’t she? My hands travel down her sides, one on her breast, the other slipping inside her wet pussy. Don’t we make such a pair? When she pauses sucking you down, you can hear how wet she is. My fingers make a nice “schlick schlick” sound as I press up inside that pussy.

We’re gorgeous together, aren’t we?

I give an open-mouthed kiss to her cheek, eyes staring directly at you. She pulls off your cock and hungrily kisses me back, her hands in my hair. Don’t worry- I put one of my hands around your cock. You aren’t forgotten in the least.

It’s so hot to play with us, isn’t it? Watching us play with each other and joining in on the fun. Give us a moment and I’ll drag her up on the bed, lining up her pussy with your cock. Watch her throw her head back as I tease her pussy lips with your cock– she really gets into it, doesn’t she? Now you know why I like playing with her so much; she’s my greedy little slut, and tonight, you get to enjoy her. I slip her down onto your cock and let you grab her hips, readying myself to straddle your face.

There are two girls in this lesbian sex story. If you wanna be our special guy, give me a call, and I’ll set it up with some of my hot phonesex operator friends.

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