Lesbian sex story with my husband’s sister!

Lesbian sex story, How I fucked my husband’s sister in our bed. As you know us phone sex operators like to take our phone sex to the next level so I wanted to come up with a wicked hot role play!

It all started when I married my husband, I met his sister Bella and she was flawless, tall, leggy with perfect tits and a gorgeous face and you all know how I feel about brunettes!  So one day we were all having a little party at our house and his sister was staying the night in our guest bedroom. We all got pretty drunk and while the party was still going on Bella cornered me in the kitchen and kissed me.

I mean really kissed me and rubbed her hand over my pussy, I was immediately turned on beyond all belief. I kissed her back till I heard someone walking toward the kitchen and acted as nothing happened. The party ended and we had some pretty drunk friends over and we don’t let our friends drive home drunk so my husband decided to give them a ride being the only sober person there, Leaving me alone with his sister.

Lesbian sex story with my husband’s sister!

I went to my room and started to undress when I suddenly felt eyes on me so I turned around to look at my bedroom door and there was Bella wearing a lace push up bra a matching thong a garter belt and thigh highs she looked stunning. I stopped dead in my tracks, My mouth suddenly dries as she swayed her hips and walked right up to me. She kissed me as she had in the kitchen except for this time she put her hands down my panties and started fingering me, I could feel my pussy juices soaking her fingers as she smeared my lips with my wetness this was like sex therapy.

She pushed me back on the bed, I arched my hips as she pulled down my panties and buried her face between my legs. I was moaning so loud as she licked my slick cunt and I came so hard squirting into her mouth. She sat up my pussy juice decorating her lips that’s when I noticed my husband was standing in the doorway watching his sister go down on me.

I hope you enjoyed my lesbian sex story and I hope it turned you on as much as it did me. If you have a lesbian sex story you would like to share I would love to hear it! If you thought this was hot you should check out my GFE story!

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