Lesbian Love Affair!!

Lesbian love affair, she was the love of my life. Her hair was in her face, she was sound asleep next to me. She was naked her breast barely covered by the tousled sheets from our lovemaking. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched the rise and fall of her chest, her breathing hypnotic.

I brushed my fingers over her perky tit her nipple grew hard to my touch. Suddenly She moaned and moved in her sleep. She is my lesbian lover on the side my husband does not know about her. She has stolen my heart. Then She moved on to her side and her beautiful face was facing me now, I watched her sleeping relaxed face. I ran my hands through her long dark hair, and she began to wake up.

Lesbian Love Affair!!

She smiled at me with sleepy eyes, My eyes meeting hers and I went in for a kiss. Her small mouth tangling with mine with expert ease, we know each other and what each other needs. My hands wrapped around her pulling her in for a hug as we kiss passionately. My hands slid down her body brushing against her clit, she moaned into my mouth. Her hips rose up begging for more of my fingers inside her. Her pussy lips were already swollen and dripping wet, I slid one finger inside her and her head bowed backward her spine arching slightly and I knew she was mine.

From the time I was young, I knew I was a lesbian. But my family insisted I get married to a man. My true love is with the woman my fingers were fucking. She ground her hands till my finger couldn’t go inside any further her pussy juice was dripping down my hand. My baby is always such a good cummer, I love it when she squirts in my mouth. I lowered my face between her legs and began to eat her like I was starving, and I was starving for her cum.

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