Lesbian sex story,  it was a hot July Saturday evening

I was packing all the essentials I needed for the night. This was the Night of my best friend Cynthia’s bachelorette party. This is the night we have been waiting for. Her soon to be husband, Alan, works for the airline and travels 75% of the time and is never home. Ever since they started dating I would joke around with her, telling her because he is never around she should have a good lesbian sex story or two. She looked horrified when I even said that.

Searching for the perfect gift for her party was going to be hard, I hate to admit it she is kind of a prude. I found a kit that you make your own vibrator using a mans hard cock to mold it. Figuring this would be perfect since he is always gone and she is faithful, I couldn’t go wrong.

Looking hot in my hooker heels, 4″ strappy black open sandals. My cum fuck me outfit, a black lace tight dress. Hot pink matching bra and panties. I was ready for anything tonight was going to bring my way, or so I thought. Everyone met at my house to catch the party bus from here.

The girls arrived looking all as sexy as I do. We loaded the party bus with the cooler full of 500 jello shots, then the 25 of us.
Our first stop is a dinner boat, The boat was very nice, we had our own floor equipped with a DJ, a bar, and tons of yummy food. As the boat docked we were a little disappointed for it to end but assuring the girls there was more to come and not to worry they will love what is coming next.

Stop #2. Several shots later we arrive at a building called Art with your Body.

Yes, ladies, we are taking a pole dancing and learn to strip for you man class. Walking in we were all excited to get this started. The class went really well considering that we were all already drunk.

Knowing what pole dancers have to go through and all the muscle strength that it takes I will never say anyone can dance on a pole because I now know it is hard as hell. It was definitely a turn on to see all my friends stripping and standing around half-naked.

Next Stop~ The bar for more drinks and dancing.

The night was so much fun, but now its last call and the party bus is back and the lights turn on and the DJ was playing closing time. One last shot down before we exit the bar.
Now we have all returned to my house to finish off the jello shots. Some of our friends have already passed out and a few weren’t going to last much longer, Soon my house was wall to wall girls. Cynthia and I were the only ones left awake, we were both discussing how our muscles were beginning to ache from the pole dancing class.

I had a brilliant idea to get in the hot tub,

walking in the back yard we realized that neither one of us wanted to go back in and climb the stairs to my bedroom to get the bathing suits. Oh well, it’s not like we haven’t seen each other before, we have been friends since 1st grade. Now in our bra and panties, we step into the hot tub. Ahhhhh……….. It feels so good.

The night was a success, my best friend had a good bachelorette party.

My eyes were closed and I opened them just in time to find Cynthia starting to straddle me. I was so confused, she doesn’t do stuff like this. Her lips met mine and that was the last thing I remember until I heard voices. Michael and Alan were standing there, we were both naked, Alan questioned Cynthia

Michael and Alan were standing there, we were both naked, Alan questioned Cynthia saying I thought you said you don’t have a lesbian sex story. She replied I didn’t until just now. her mouth moved from my lips down to my tits. looking at Michael and Alan I mouth to them to get undressed get in and watch the show

. If you want to know what Michael and Alan witnessed I will tell you about the lesbian sex story. Or any other stories about sex,

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