Lesbian Sex Stories Can Come Up Unexpectedly

Sometimes lesbian sex stories can come up quite unexpectedly. This good friend of mine has a very good looking boyfriend. Recently he asked her if the two of us had ever played around together sexually. She said we had not. He asked if she’d ever given it a thought, that he’d be very turned on watching such a sight. She brought the topic up with me and asked if I’d ever be game to try such a thing. I said sure, why not. So we made plans to have a little “girl time” in front of him, and see where things went.

I Could Feel Her Panties Getting Damp

She had never mentioned to me before that she’d fantasized about me before this encounter. We met at her place and began to kiss in front of her boyfriend. We were soon running our fingers over one another’s panty crotches. I could feel her panties getting damp as I teased her over the thin fabric. She slipped her hand into mine and my moist, shaved cunt lips were already open. I felt her middle finger seek out my hard little clit and begin to rub it. I began to buck back and forth on her hand as he looked on. He had already gotten his cock out and was beginning to masturbate as he watched us.

He Was Rock Hard As He Watched

Lesbian sex stories are not only hot for the ones involved, but the ones watching them as well. His dick was so hard as he watched us mutually masturbate one another. I laid her back and buried my face in her crotch and licked at her. She moaned with delight as I tasted her and slid my tongue into her. He was really starting to stroke his cock as he watched us. She had me switch positions and sixty nine one another. He could see us going down on one another with great enthusiasm. She’d gotten us a toy for the occasion to try as well.

He Had A Toy Ready For Us

First she reached into her bedside table drawer and pulled out a double ended dildo. She lubed it up and slid it into my cunt. She then slid the other half into herself and we began to move in unison together. Our pussies were grinding into each other, making wet, smacking noises. The toy plunged in and out of us both, our hard nipples grazing against one another. We bother came explosively. I couldn’t believe this had all happened. I thought about if for days afterwards.

We Were Ready For A Repeat Performance

She called and asked if I’d like to come over again for a repeat performance. I was there within the hour. I’d masturbated several times thinking of it and couldn’t wait to do it again. She said our little encounter had gotten her boyfriend off so good. He’d been reading all kinds of lesbian sex stories online it turned him on so much.

This time I sat on her face, facing her feet while I used a rabbit vibe toy in her pussy. The little bunny ears going so fast over her clit as I plunged the toy in and out of her. He was sitting even closer to the bed this time. He was so excited to see another round of our pleasuring one another. I could see the glistening wetness of her pussy from the toy turning her on. She was nursing on my clit and I was about to cum all over her face in a screaming orgasm.

This Was One Of One Of My Hottest  Experiences

She sucked and she sucked and all of a sudden I was brought over that edge of pleasure. I turned the vibe up a notch and she too was soon cumming. I looked over at her boyfriend and he was soon squirting jets of his cum all over himself.  And I just lay there catching my breath and I knew this was one of the hottest experiences I’d ever had. I had a feeling this might become a regular thing, and I was quite happy about this.  And I never thought our friendship would be taken to this whole other level, it was a pleasant surprise.  I knew that this could have become a threesome story but it never did. After I went home, I was horny yet again, so I masturbated as I relived it in my mind. I can’t wait for the next time. I’m sure it won’t be too long until we’re making a few more lesbian sex stories.

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