Lesbian Sex Stories aren’t something I’d ever given much thought to, but… So, that’s why what happened was such a surprise!  For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend booked a couples massage for us at a very exclusive spa in our city.  The room was very nice with candles, a window overlooking a lake, and two massage tables side-by- side. We got naked and onto them.

I lay face down then, saw a pair of twins come in. Everyone who knows me KNOWS, I’m STRICTLY DICKLY, so…  It started basically enough, warm oil, back rubs, moving over my ass and down my legs. I was liking it in spite of myself when I heard them both say “Roll over.” Sneaking a glance at my man, I saw he was enjoying himself very much.
 To my surprise, after spreading the oil on the front I noticed the other twin going down on his cock, as my masseuse started using her tongue instead of her hands. I was just about to protest when I realized that she was doing it better than he ever had. So, I decided to just melt away and let it happen. Her tongue was as soft as velvet and knew all my special places. I had NEVER had cunnilingus like that! 5-minutes later, an orgasm built up, and to my surprise, she kept her face there. I’m a squirter…so she was in for a shock. To her credit she never flinched, keeping her face over my pussy & lapping.

Lesbian Sex Stories can turn you CUMpletely on!

I fought with myself, but I had to admit that when my eyes were closed, I really couldn’t tell the difference.  I ground my hips onto her lips and let myself go.  Furthermore, I suspected my man had stopped his own enjoyment to fully enjoy MINE.  She looked at me with a Cheshire-cat grin… “I hope you cum back soon.” I had completely forgotten my man.  And since this was his idea, he’d better get good at sharing.  Plus, I’d just LOVE a little Sex Therapy with you.
Lesbian Sex Stories