Mother In Law Sex Stories. Let Me EXXXplain How It Happened.

So, how do I cum to have Mother In Law Sex Stories?  Let me eXXXplain how it happened!  First of all, from the moment I met her, she was like a clinging bandage on her son’s ass; but, for some reason, she also HATED me! Nobody hates me!  She challenged every fucking word I said!

Although that may be, she had a habit of stopping by our place when her Baby-Boy wasn’t at home.  Today was going to beCUM a game-changer.  In spite of her starting her bullshit, I stalked off to the bedroom.   Be that as it may, can you BELIEVE she came after me?  Moreover, what started as a slight tussle in the bedroom became an all-out battle!

I tossed her sexy-but-MONSTER-IN-LAW-Ass onto the bed and in an instant, was on top of her!  Yet, in that moment I felt a familiar wetness between my thighs and when our eyes met, I kissed her, hard and deep!  At first, she was shocked, then she gave into the passion that was always masked as hate for me!

Her hands snaked down my clothed back as she clawed at the skin beneath.  Then, she found the edge of my skirt and found my juice-box.  She fingered me as I licked her slippery slit until we both exploded in the most awkward ecstasy!  However, what we failed to see was her son watching with a huge hardon! Within minutes, he was in full-swing with us and watching him eat his Mommy made me WILD with renewed desire for him!

What’s best of all is that he figured prominently in my Granny Sex Stories, so he couldn’t CUMplain!  The only thing new is his Mom and me doing Strap On Phone Sex together!