Lesbian Sex Stories: A Birthday Surprise I’ll Never Forget!

I’ve read lesbian sex stories for years. They have always turned me on. Since I have always thought they were hot, I decided to share one of my own. This is an oral one but hey, even just oral sex stories are hot! It was my 21st birthday. We went out to a club that we personally knew the owner so we knew we’d be taken care of. I had been there before, knowing the owner had its perks. But this time I was legally allowed there. My boyfriend at the time knew that his friend’s girlfriend was bisexual as was I. He wanted to introduce me to her and see where things went.

We were sitting at one of the bars in the club when the guys all got up to do something. They left the two of us to talk. I’m sure they were hoping on seeing some of those lesbian sex stories in person. Shots led to giggling, which led to talking more, which led to us kissing at the bar. Not sure how that all progressed but the kiss was hot as fuck! Her hand started to slid up my skirt when we were interrupted by a bouncer. We had met him a few times; he knew who I was so he didn’t give us a hard time. He said that watching us was hot as fuck but it wasn’t a good idea to be going at it where everyone could see.

Taking it somewhere private would probably be a better idea.

I took her by the hand and led her to the door toward the back of the club. The sign on the door said “private”. She tried to stop me but I just said, “he said to take it somewhere private”, and I giggled a little. Opening the door I found my boyfriend and his friend talking to the manager. The manager took one look at us and said, “Upstairs. You can use Stu’s office.” He didn’t have to tell us twice. We walked up the stairs, down the hall and went into the owner’s office.

There was a desk near one wall, a couch on the other wall and in the center of the room was a bed. Apparently the owner was always ready for some fun of his own. Little did he know we’d be up here creating some of our own lesbian sex stories! Upon seeing the bed she threw me down on it and immediately started kissing me again. We were both hungry for each other! Our hands were roaming all over each other’s body. Clothes were being taken off and we were oblivious to everything around us.

I started sucking on her tits as her fingers found their way to my wet pussy. As she inserted one of her fingers deep inside of me I moaned into her mouth. She began finger fucking my pussy getting it even wetter than before. When she broke our kiss I actually whimpered. Her mouth quickly went to work kissing my neck, sucking my tits and trailing more kisses down my flat stomach before reaching my sexy red thong. She pulled it down my legs as she started to devour my pussy.

I couldn’t remember any lesbian sex stories I had read that came close to being as hot as this was!

Her mouth was working some amazing magic on my clit while her fingers continued to slide in and out of my dripping pussy. With how good she was working me over, it didn’t take long for me to start squirting my cum into her mouth! Once I had come down from my euphoric moment I thought it was only fair that I get to taste her cum exploding in my mouth too! Grabbing her shoulders I flipped her onto her back and began teasing her nipples with my tongue before working my way down her body.

Who doesn’t like some good lesbian sex stories?!

I slid her panties to the side and started running my tongue up and down her wet pussy lips. Her pussy tasted so sweet! I couldn’t wait to see how her cum tasted! I turned my hand so my palm was facing up and slid my middle and ring finger into her tight hole. Taking her clit between my teeth I started to flick my tongue over and over on it before sucking it fully into my mouth. I could tell she was getting closer by the way she was moaning and by the way her hips started bucking up and down into my hand and mouth.

Just as her sweet pussy started erupting into my mouth I felt a hand caressing my ass that was up in the air. I ignored it at first because I didn’t want anything to take my mind off of the feeling of her exploding beneath my touch! Once she finished her orgasm I realized the hand on my ass had now slid to my pussy. Lesbian sex stories weren’t the only thing being made that night! It ended up becoming one of the hottest group sex stories ever! I can’t wait to tell you about that part of it! Give me a call and I can give you some of the hot details before everyone else gets to read about it! Or, if you are a woman let’s have some hot lesbian phone sex!