Slumber parties are the best, especially if there is going to be some lesbian sex involved. So when an old friend of mine called and said she was going to be in town I offered her my place to stay right away. She would not need an extra bedroom either. She would sleep right next to me in my very own bed. However, I doubt there would be very much sleeping involved. When she showed up she looked every bit as tasty as I could have remembered. I wanted to jump her bones as soon as she came in the door. I held my composure though and let her get settled first. That was until bed at least.

I did not even let her get changed into her see through white babydoll nighty. I could take no more waiting. In her tank top and shorts I invited her onto my bed. I leaned forward and kissed against her lips. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. She whimpered as I pushed up her top licking on her nipples.

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They stiffened up as I began to pleasure them. She leaned forward to make her lesbian sex move. After she unbuttoned my pants, I removed them for her. Leaning me over and began to lick on my ass. I knew she was craving me as much as I was her. She removed her pants as well.

Grabbing my strap on I pulled her legs and cunt to the edge of the bed. I wanted to fuck her. I leaned down and tasted her pussy first and it was already soaking wet for me. She whimpered and pushed her hips up towards me. I took the sign and lined up the tip of the strap on to her hole. She cried out for me to fuck her. That is exactly what I did too. I stuffed the cock inside of her and I fucked her till she was whimpering and moaning that she was about to cum. I loved knowing I made that little slut cum. This was not the end of out lesbian sex night either. Only the beginning of a long night to CUM!

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