Lesbian sex story about oral sex part two. 

Lesbian sex, part two. If you missed part one, you can find it here -> Oral Sex <- We were splashing water all around the bathroom and hallway as we made our way to my bed. Ariel stopped me and pushed me against the door to kiss me deeply, dragging her lips down my neck and to my perky nipples. She sucked it into her mouth and softly flicked her tongue against it. I had no idea our lesbian sex experiment would lead to this, but I craved every second. She was like any guy that I had fucked so far and her lips were so much softer. I opened the door and pushed her down on my bed so she was laying on her back beautifully exposed to me.

Ariel watched as I crawled onto the bed and began kissing my way from her pelvic bone up her stomach. I moved slow and soaked in every tremble she made. When I got to her chest I started rolling my tongue over her sensitive nipples. She moaned as my hand trailed down her curves and began rubbing her eager slit. My finger slid inside her easily and I knew she needed to cum. I kissed her once slowly before making removing my hand. She whimpered in frustration as if begging for more lesbian sex, harder, faster, I could see the passion in her face, and that excited me so much more. 

My pussy was aching to be touched and aching to cum.

I straddled her leg and spread her wide to get closer. I wanted something new and I think she did too. Ariel moaned as I held her leg started to grind our dripping cunts together. Her cheeks were red and I could feel her body edging closer to orgasm as we scissored. Feeling her desperately thrust against me sent me over the edge and we both began to cum hard. It was unbelievable how powerful it felt as she dragged her nails down my chest. We both laid there trying to catch our breath and smiled. I giggled as I asked her what she thought of our lesbian sex adventure.

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