Experiments can be fun- especially with oral sex!

Even in high school, I was a pretty sexual girl, but my best friend Ariel was a bit different. I was always getting her into trouble and she always tagged along. Ariel had never had oral sex, phone sex, or actual sex, so one night I decided to change that. She had always been shy about her body, so I thought who better to share her first time with than her best friend? Lucky for me, Ariel was just as excited as I was.

We went swimming before heading to my house and we decided to shower together. We had done this plenty of times before but we never showered with the intention of pleasuring each other. I could not wait.

I slipped out of my suit first and turned on the shower. Ariel took off her bathing suit and all of a sudden was shy. We have been naked in front of each other thousands of times. It was cute though how nervous she was about something as simple as me giving her a little lesson in oral sex. I stepped into the tub and took her hands, pulling her close, the energy was intense as our lips touched. Everything tingled in that first kiss. Both of our nipples became immediately hard and while I wanted to, I kept myself from reaching out to touch her tight teen pussy. 

Ariel kissed back hard and before I know it she was kissing down my stomach under the shower. I looked down, and she looked up. Fuck she was hot. I felt her tongue search for the perfect place to lick. I guided her and oh my fucking god damn I wanted to just cum right then. Ariel grabbed my ass as her tongue spread my juicy pussy lips and she licked hard. She seemed hungry for this new feeling and I was loving every second.

I wanted her to have the same pleasure, so I lifted her up and took my turn at her beautiful glistening pussy

My hands slipped down her body and explored her in a way no one else had. I propped her up on the edge of the tub and spread her legs admiring her beautiful tight teen pussy. She ran her hands through my hair as I got close enough to breathe on her clit and I smiled at the chill she got as I flicked my tongue against her for the first time. She tasted delicious and I eagerly swirled my tongue around her sensitive pussy. I couldn’t believe I was having oral sex with my best friend but neither one of us was going to stop there.  

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