I Didn’t Plan To Have Lesbian Sex

Recently I went out on a double date and it turned out a lot differently than I thought it would. And in the best possible way. My boyfriend said this coworker of hi

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s was fairly new to the area. And was looking to meet new people and friends so would it be ok if he invited the coworker and his girlfriend on a double date with us? I said of course, so we went to the theater and dinner and then back to our place for drinks. And we had some very potent homemade wine and we were getting along very well. We each started to kiss our boyfriends and then things got hotter and we started to make love in the same room.I never planned to have lesbian sex.

We Were Facing Each Other As We Fucked Our Boyfriends

The guys were both naked and on their backs and we girls were riding them and facing one another. And the other girl leaned over to kiss me and we started to make out as we were fucking our boyfriends. I had engaged in lesbian sex a few times over the years, and enjoyed it very much. We were kissing passionately with our hands groping each others breasts and making our nipples hard. This seemed to be turning our boyfriends on a good deal .And they were voicing their approval of our getting to know one another better.

We Were Now Eating Each Others Pussy

After fucking our boyfriends for a while, we got off. We began to sixty nine each other as our boyfriends both watched us. I loved tasting her cum filled shaved cunt as my tongue darted in and out of her pussy. And then alternated with flicking across her stiffened clit. She was focusing on sucking my clit like a tiny cock and working her tongue all over it. Taking my inner lips in her mouth, and sliding two fingers into my cum filled snatch. We were trembling from cumming so much and our boyfriends just lay back and watched as they stroked their cocks. We put on this lesbian sex show right there in front of them.

I Loved Tasting My Pussy Juice On My Boyfriends’ Cock

After making each other cum yet again, we focused our attention back on our men for a while. And sucked on their juicy cocks, that were still wet from our pussy juices. I’ve always loved tasting myself on my boyfriends cock, and I know it turns him on as well. We knelt on the floor in front of our boyfriends as they sat next to one another. And we gave them blow jobs and French kissed each other every few moments. As we did so, this turned us on and our boyfriends as well.

I Can’t Wait Til We Meet Again

I never knew this night of meeting another couple would turn into this hot, sexual experience. But it sure did, and I knew I wanted to meet with them again. I wanted to continue with my new friend and have some more lesbian sex experiences. And I think the next time we might swap partners as well. I can see this going all kinds of fun and naughty places. They are a really attractive couple, and I can see playing with the boyfriend of hers next time. He has a really nice cock and I know I’d love the feel of it fucking me. It’s important to meet new friends, you just never know where it might lead!

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