There are so many amazing ways to provide hot masturbation instructions. In fact, I am a master of most, if not all of them. One of my favorites is lesbian sex JOI.

It is super kinky, extremely naughty and so wet and messy. One of my girlfriends and I have erotic lesbian sex. Then, as you are watching us, we give you guided masturbation.

Now, it takes a strong man to be able to handle this type of jerk-off-instruction. You see, so many of the guys we have tried doing this with cum too quickly. Such losers with no control!

Turns out, they aren’t man enough for our lesbian sex JOI.

It is crazy too! We start nice and slow. Furthermore, we are still wearing our lingerie at the beginning. Then, as we get going, we do a nice slow striptease of each other.

Of course, as all this is going along, we are taking turns giving you instructions. We love having you start by taking off your own clothes. Once you are naked, you are allowed to start touching your cock and balls.

However, with lesbian sex JOI, you don’t touch yourself too much if you want to stay on our good side. Not until we permit you. Despite this, many of our men start stroking and explode too soon.

As a femdom, that pisses me off, big time!

So, it is only the strong boys that can play with us nowadays. Those who let me down, never get to play this dirty game again. Although I do let them enjoy mutual masturbation JOI.

The guy we are playing with this evening is a strong, sexy mother fucker! Not only that, he has a nice rod too. Indeed, during our lesbian sex JOI, it helps us to watch him stroking that meat stick.

As we give him permission to wrap his hands around his hard cock and slide it up and down the shaft. Then, he is to cup his balls with the other hand. He is so good at following directions.

Truthfully, he is a favorite for my lesbian sex JOI.

That hard body and hard dick make our fun even better. Even though we are supposed to be using tease and denial on him, he is doing the same to us. As we give him the instructions, he loves messing with us too.

He is a true bad boy for sure. Then, as that precum starts leaking out, he uses his palm to rub it all over that big meat stick as a lubricant. He is running his other hand on his thigh.

At this point, during our lesbian sex JOI, just to be a naughty bitch, I tell him to stop stroking. He always does as he is instructed. Smiling from ear to ear too!

Sitting here, naked, holding that rock-hard cock, looking at us as we are playing with each other.

We are almost ready to cum and tell him to start stroking again. As she is rubbing my clit and I am using the vibrator on hers, he is permitted to bang away on his dick.

Along with that, we tell him he can come over and cum all over us. He is standing beside the bed. As we both climax, he shoots a huge load out of his cock and all over our bodies.

Hot lesbian sex JOI with a great ending that leads into…what? Curious to know if he gets to play with us after that? Call my for some sex hotline and all the dirty details!

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