One of my favorite things to do with my guys is mutual masturbation JOI. It is so much fun sharing our masturbation as I am guiding him with jerk-off instructions.

It also allows them to enjoy me pleasuring myself. Not everyone gets to fuck this fine pussy. However, they can all play along with the mutual masturbation fun.

Unless they are a sub boy. Of course, those little bitches, don’t get anything but tease and denial. I love using my hardcore Latina domme SPH on them to make their life miserable.

So many men are now begging for my mutual masturbation JOI.

Turns out it is absolutely addicting and they can’t get enough of it or me. Although, I do that on purpose. Hahaha. I know how to use all my amazing skills to drive me wild and keep them begging for more.

Whether they are my hot studs or pathetic losers, they all serve a purpose in my life. From sugar daddies to feet lickers, I have a use for every one of them.

In fact, my sugar daddies love the mutual masturbation JOI a lot. I was quite surprised by that. Because it has tease and denial to it, they love how it feels when we use it together.

And, they love how I use all my naughty skills to drive them wild.

I love sitting in a chair across from my lover as he is stroking his cock. Using my sultry voice, I am giving him instructions. Telling him how to use his other hand.

And, making him slow down with the hand that is massaging his dick. That is always the best part of our mutual masturbation JOI. Controlling his rhythm as he is stroking and working that rod.

Using my experience and knowledge, I can tell when he is starting to get closer to cumming. I have to make him slow down. Of course, I slow myself down too. We are going to cum together.

That is the fun of our mutual masturbation JOI.

Both of us climax at the same time. Delaying that gratification a bit longer so we can cum so hard and with each other. Not touching, him not inside but together.

It is insanely sensual and erotic. Talking dirty and sexy all the way through to each other as we play with our bodies. Him allowing me to direct his every move.

Even using toys if I tell him to do so. And, I love a man that will use my toys on himself during mutual masturbation JOI. A vibrator on his ball sack or vibrating butt plug in his ass as we are having our fun.

It is always fun to use the remote control toys with me doing the controller too!

I can take a man so close to cumming and turn off the toy at just the right moment to keep him from cumming. No ruined orgasm either. I am not that mean.

Finally, as we are both sticky and sweaty, I turn up the toy and we start banging ourselves. I give him permission to stroke as hard and fast as he wants. I do the same and we both explode in climaxes!

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