If you assumed a lesbian sex fight was all tits, and groping, and kissing, then you’d be right. A lesbian sex fight might sound incredibly hot to watch. Even more fun to participate in. Getting horny girls together leads to some very naughty discussions and usually ends with “things got a little out of hand.”

“Bitch – you’re crazy”

Saying that phrase to a girl, especially in front of a significant other, is just about to drive any girl actually crazy. If you want to start a fight, then use that phrase. If you don’t mean to start a fight, but accidentally (somehow) let slip, “Bitch, you’re crazy,” there are three ways dumbfounded partners can figure out their emotional response to this exact phrase. When you’re seeking reason why your girl is:

  1. In a puddle of tears asking, “How could you?”
  2. Angry as fuck and barking, “Yeah? Who’s the other slut you’re seeing on the side?”
  3. Scary-eyed and claws out, “No, you haven’t seen crazy. Yet.”

Lesbian Sex Fight

This phrase has started many lesbian sex fights. I know I was on the tale end of receiving one and it stung badly. Usually, tears follow pretty quickly after rejection, especially from a girl who I thought I might have a crush on. She didn’t make clear what the “crazy” part was about liking her. However, she remained uninterested. Or was she just playing hard to get? When she didn’t move on her stance, I decided I needed to. Grabbing my Xbox and headphones, I told her I was going home. She jumped up and blocked the door and said, “Gimme back that Xbox!”

I retorted, simply, “No, suck my dick” and pushed past her. She pulled my hair and took the gaming console back, tossing it onto the couch. I screamed and gripped her hands. Her big brown eyes lit aflame with rage, cheeks pink and tits heaving from the shouting and adrenaline – I’d never seen her so hot before. Just as I was about to concede defeat, she crushed her mouth to mine in a searing white-hot kiss.

Rougher than you’d think

We clawed at each other’s clothing, tearing at fabric, ripping my tee and her favorite bra. She shoved me up against the glass door leading out to the pool and raked down my shorts and panties. Before I knew it, we were in the shallow end of the water. We kissed like our lives depended on it. First, I pushed her back to the pool wall, planning to take over. Then she turned the tables on me and slipped her fingers into my pussy underwater. I whimpered like a whore. She subsequently chuckled and finger fucked me roughly. Shoving my back to the steps, I whined about getting too intense.

Part two is coming next week!


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