Teen lesbian cheerleader isn’t exactly something my mom would approve of, but last summer I became exactly that. Like your average e-girl, very few things could take me away from my video game console, so my family was pretty surprised when I told them I wanted to go to Cheerleading Camp.

I wasn’t altogether convinced I’d make a decent cheerleader but my best friend and I decided to try out together one afternoon after we met the new cheer coach. Misty and I walked halls together every afternoon. Out of nowhere, this blonde bombshell MILF jogged past us, calling, “On your left,” just like a sexy female Captain America. My friend and I both noticed her perfect ass in her running shorts and shot each other glances. The next time she passed us, we picked up the pace and finished the last few laps with her.

Teen Lesbian Cheerleader Showertime

We three hit the showers together after our run. I’d showered lots of times with my best friend, Misty. Growing up together, it didn’t seem like a big deal. Kissing, hugging and cuddling were just something we as friends did. That particular shower changed everything, though. Seeing the coach naked, all of our soapy bodies brushing past each other as we shared body wash, made my pussy soak. Sandra explained that she’d be running Cheerleading Camp that summer as she washed her hair.

“Have you two ever kissed? Like really kissed?” Sandra asked.

Massaging her scalp made her round tits bounce; they were deceptively influential. We kissed hungrily under the showerhead, and Coach encouraged us to slip hands down and finger each other. I dropped to my knees and slipped my tongue into her pussy.

Wide-eyed and agreeable to tryouts, Misty and I watched in silence as Sandra reached for her towel and stepped out to get dressed.

Working together, Misty and I poured ourselves into learning routines so that we’d be selected for the Varsity Cheerleading team. We both wanted to be close to sexy Sandra and all of that lesbian lust-fueled desire helped us wipe out the other girls competing for top spots.

Back to Nature

Getting “back to nature” isn’t my thing – at all – but I was thrilled to step out of my cabin in the morning during Cheerleading Camp. Feeling the sunshine on my face, I knew by nightfall I might have the chance to get closer to Coach Sandra. Running drills on our high kicks and routines from sun up to sundown became standard. All I could think of was getting a chance to practice being her perfect little teen lesbian cheerleader in private. I wondered if I’d made a mistake joining up, until one night when she asked me to meet her at her cabin to talk.

Cheerleading in the Bedroom

In a low-cut top and high-cut shorts, she waited for me, perched on the edge of her bed. Long fingers draped over my knee as a reward for my dedication.

Stroking back my hair, Coach said, “You’re so cute when you blush.” Leaning in, our lips met silently. Tonguing my mouth open, our lesbian kiss was hungry and desperate. Pawing her top off first, she then purred to lift off mine and lie back. Peeling my tight top off over my head, my perky teen tits bounced free.

Without a moment to spare, she put a hand on my shoulder and pushed me down to the mattress, descending on my nipples with her mouth, expertly suckling and biting on them. In the frenzy, I was finally able to palm her warm, heavy tits. Sensing my desire, she smiled and leaned over me so I could latch onto her nipples hungrily. Gorging on all of the soft flesh pressing into my mouth, I suckled and flicked my tongue, alternating between them. Completely enraptured, I couldn’t get enough of the taste of her heated skin.

Licking the Competition

“Have you ever gone down on a woman before?” she panted. Shaking my head, she pushed her hand into my shorts. Pushing aside my panties, she fingered circles over my clit. Edging me just enough, I practically begged for her to teach me. With a smirk, she pulled down her shorts and my cheerleading coach spread her gorgeous thighs. I was on my stomach instantly, pressing my whole mouth over her pussy. Just like in cheerleading practice, she instructed me how to kiss her lower lips. Assuming incorrectly that I could edge her, she held my head down. Coming hard in my mouth, her whole body shuddered.

Climbing onto me, she slipped a hand under my hip and fingered my slick pussy furiously. As much as I whined, she kept in control, pressing her thigh between mine. Grinding her pussy against my ass, she whispered how to move with her.

That was the first but definitely not the last time I spent getting coached on how to be a teen lesbian cheerleader!

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