Lesbian sex with her would be something to write home about. She was his daughter.

Lesbian sex was off limits with Sara. My boyfriend’s daughter isn’t much younger than I am. She’s incredibly sexy with her small tits and barely there curves. We all know how much I love age play phone sex. The fact that she also looks young only furthered my fantasy.

Sara was sweet and very outgoing with me. I invited her over to my house to hang out for the weekend since I wanted to get to know her better. She has a girlfriend so I didn’t think much of her gentle flirtation until she told me a secret.

Sara confessed that she had found my pictures on Phone Sex Kingdom, and went on about how she liked my pussy. Truthfully I was embarrassed at first until she offered to show me pictures of her pussy. Before I could decline purely out of the fact that it was my man’s daughter, she showed me.

Not gonna lie, the picture of her pussy was fucking beautiful! Her 19-year-old¬†pussy glistened with moisture from a recent orgasm she had before the picture. At least that’s what she said. The rest of the night all I could think about was licking her from ass to clit.

Later that night we laid in bed together talking. I drifted to sleep and had a wild dream about waking up to her mouth sucking on my clit. Would I stop her? Or would I let her keep going? Who am I kidding, I would have let her continue!

I could see the lesbian sex scene play out in my dream. I bet her pussy tasted like forbidden fruit.

My tongue would push through her soft lips and seek out her sensitive nub. I wanted my face to look how her pussy did in the picture, wet and puffy.

Two of my fingers would pump in and out of her until I could hear the noise of her sex from all the moisture. To feel her body shake from the orgasm I would give made me have a wet dream.

I woke in the morning with her sitting up next to me smiling.

“You’ve been talking in your sleep. So I fingered your clit hoping you would feel better and sleep.” Sara said.

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