Lesbian fantasies are a dime a dozen. All the ladies have their share of what they find sexy about another female. I have my own take on it.

Lesbian? Hmm, can I call myself that? Naw I would say I am heteroflexible which means I don’t mind playing with any gender. Could I date a female? I have in fact dated women before, but always the dainty girlie ones. Sex was okay but I have found myself more interested in men.

Something about a man with their style and look. The masculinity of a man is by far more sexy to me. I can look at a woman and agree she is attractive, but my pussy isn’t wet. Ruby Rose, however, has that sexy androgynous look. Masculine, yet still has her feminine side. I mean just look at her!

Lesbian fantasy

My lesbian fantasy with her is seeing her dressed in her masculine clothing and acting like a man. Her hands are strong, her kiss is deep and aggressive. Her fingers squeeze my tits with a possessive need. My panties are actually wet as I write this erotic sex blog.

Imagining her tearing my clothing off, biting down my body and tonguing my pussy and looking up at me with those smoldering eyes. My hips lurching up to feel her tongue press harder. Two strong fingers pushing in and out of my very wet pussy. My body couldn’t lie if it wanted with how turned on I am by her.

When she pulls out her cock (feeldoe – a strapless cock that is held in the vagina and vibrates the wearer while they fuck someone) and thrusts deep into me and bites her lip feeling the tug of the cock inside of her, I wrap my legs around her waist and work quick to get her shirt off. I wanna feel her warm chest pressed against mine. Those hard nipples rubbing my own.

I’m on my back when she pulls away to look down at me while pumping deep and hard. He body moist with sweat and her hair slicked back making her look fierce. I would greedily take my orgasm, squirting my thanks all over her flat toned stomach.

She would grunt and let out a deep groan when she takes her own climax. The last part always turns me on the most about this lesbian fantasy, she would lick my cum off my pussy and suck my throbbing clit just to pull one more intense orgasm from my body.

I’ll bet Ruby Rose is an incredible lover. She will forever be my lesbian fantasy!

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