Lesbian sex with my exes girl

My ex and I never could get a long not to mention he never knew how to satisfy my sexual needs. Two years after the break up I met his new girlfriend. She was very pretty with a nice sexy body and perky breast, I could never figure out what she saw him. I had moved on with a more satisfying man but I can’t resist a sexy woman, I felt that I had to get in her panties and I also wanted to show her how an orgasm really feels. I just knew I could satisfy her better than he could. Lesbian sex with my ex boyfriends girl intrigued me so much, it’s so wrong and yet so right at the same time.

Two girls splashing in the water is the beginning

I called her over for a weekend get a way she didn’t even hesitate. We went to a cabin right on the lake it was summer so the water was just the right temp. My boyfriend, her and I started with a cookout then she and I stripped down until we were only in our bra and panties and decided to jump into the lake. while splashing each other in the lake she ask me what it’s like having sex with a another girl, she knows I love women as much as I love men. I explain how good a woman’s touch feels and how it much it makes you want more. She seems very interested at this point. She’s even asking how often I sleep with girls, I respond “when the opportunity knocks.

We start to move closer towards each other the more we talk about it. She suggested we go take a shower, as she gets to the front door she said ” well…coming?” with a wicked grin. Well she didn’t have to ask me twice. I help get her dripping wet bra off and then we removed our soaked panties.

Sexy shower scene

We step into the shower, the water is so warm and pouring over our bodies as our lips meet. Her body is against mine, my tongue slides across her nipple. I gently tug and tease her nipples while I take 2 of my fingers and slide them inside her. It was incredible to feel how tight and wet she was. Standing up straight up to kiss her again she pushes me up against the shower wall which made a loud bang sound followed by a knock at the door. It’s my boyfriend asking if we need any help.

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Part 2 Affair turns into threesome

Naughty Kelsey