part 2 of my Lesbian sex with my ex boyfriends girl

The kinky lesbian sex continues! We step into the shower, the water is so warm and pouring over our bodies as our lips meet. I pull her body up against mine, then take my tongue and run it across her nipples. While fingering her pussy I use my other hand to tug on her nipples. It was incredible to feel how tight and wet she was. But when she shoved me back against the shower wall it made a loud noise. After the noise there was a knock. It’s my boyfriend asking and he’s curious what we are doing. We both look at each other and giggle because we know we are caught. l surprised when she suggested we invite him in shower but I quickly suggested the bedroom instead. The bedroom has more room for the three of us.

A threesome I’ll never forget

A three way with my ex boyfriends girlfriend what an amazing way to the end the night. We both leave the bathroom wearing only towels. I grab my boyfriend and pull him into the bedroom.We shut the door and shove him against the wall, she removes his shirt and I remove his pants. Can you guess what’s next? A very hot blowjob is what happened next, and yes we both sucked him. We get him on the bed and I straddle his face.When she noticed his cock at full attention she straddle it. While we fuck him we kiss and touch one another.

After hours of face sitting, oral teasing, and cumming we wore my boyfriend out, but she an I weren’t tired just yet. I grabbed my strap on for some more fun, I slid my strap on in her creamy wet cum filled pussy and thrust into her hard. She moaned louder and louder with each thrust, she begged for more and it became obvious I was so much better than my ex at pleasing his girl. like threesome and girl on girl action? Wanna be part of the threesome cum fest? Call me and lets pick out another girl or girls and  have a fuck fest night!

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Kinky Kelsey



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