Lesbian Sex Clips & The Superbowl Halftime Party

Every year it’s a tradition… One of us hosts the Superbowl party.  It’s an all-day event with games, music, food, and of course, alcohol.  We take turns rotating houses so one person isn’t always left cleaning the mess we wake!  These parties can get a little out of hand with all the drinking and rivalry.  This year, the party takes an unexpected turn as the men neglect us and us ladies get bored.  We start watching lesbian sex clips and decide to act it out to see how long it takes to get the attention we want.

This party started out just like any other.  The drinks were flowing and we were all having fun.  We were all outside around the pool, for the most part, enjoying the warmer weather.  There was laughing, dancing, volleyball, corn hole, and even a few brave enough to swim.  My friends and I were having just an all around good time while waiting for the game to start.

Keeping Up With The Entertainment

We began talking about our career as phone sex girls and our favorite calls.  This always generates a lot of interest and for a while, we were the center of attention.  We had fun re-enacting some of our favorite calls while role-playing together and answering everyone’s questions.  We even tried to recruit a few more girls to join the Bad Girls Club team at PSK.

When this began to wind down a bit, we started to talk about our latest adventure with the bimbo games.  The guys loved how outrageous we were and were completely turned on by the descriptions of our outfits.  We promised to model them for them at our next get together.  They were shocked about Delilah’s love of animals, especially since she wasn’t there to confirm or deny.  Nothing surprised them about me and Brittany, however.  We have really developed the reputation of girls who love to play.

Finally Time For Kickoff

Finally, it was about time for the game to start.  We moved the party inside and found places to chill in front of the big screen.  I don’t follow NFL so I was more interested in the commercials than the game.  It wasn’t long before we realized the game was going to be lame and the commercials weren’t much better.   By half time and that less than stellar performance, the girls and I were ready to call it quits.

The guys, however, were not as ready to end the night.  Therefore, the girls and I went into the den to entertain ourselves.  We tried watching a chick flick but couldn’t really agree on anything.  Finally, Chelsea suggested porn.  We all looked at each other and giggled and said, “Sure, why not?”

Lesbian Sex Clips

Chelsea and I had the idea to make this a competition and see if we could grab the guys attention from the game.  We started off trying to find loud obnoxious porn and turning the sound up.  Then we turned toward the raunchiest ones we could find.  We quickly became bored when this wasn’t working as planned.  Michele took the remote and put on lesbian porn clips, which surprised us as she was the quietest in the group.  She shrugged and said, “What, I’m not afraid to admit I’ve always been curious.”

This news really shocked the rest of us.  “Have you ever kissed a girl?” I asked.  Michele blushed and shook her head no.  Chelsea and I gave each other a look before going to sit on each side of Michele.  I turned her head towards me and lightly kissed her lips as Chelsea kissed along her neck.  As I deepened the kiss, Mallory came and sat in front of her knees.  She began kissing the inside of her knee as I reached my hand under Michele’s shirt to squeeze her breast.

Making Our Own Halftime Fun

Chelsea reaches under Michele’s shirt as well and began to squeeze her other breast.  We looked at each other before lifting Michele’s shirt over her head.  Before Michele could protest we each had our mouth on her breast.  She moaned and leaned further back into the couch.  Mallory continued kissing along Michele’s inner thighs making her squirm with need.

Chelsea and I began kissing as we each took one of Michele’s hand and placed them on our breast.  Mallory reached up to massage each of our other breasts as she nuzzled Michele’s pussy through her shorts.  “Mmmm, girls.  She’s nice and wet,” she said.  “I think she’s more turned on than she’s willing to admit.” Chelsea and I both slid one of our hands down to rub the outer Vee of Michele’s pussy, in the crease of her thigh.

Lesbian Sex Clips As Inspiration

We then took her hand and guided it to our own.  Mallory began to unbutton Michele’s pants and lowered her zipper.  When she became a little hesitant, Mallory stood and did a slow strip tease, rubbing every inch of her body seductively.  Michele bit her lip and whimpered as she watched.  Chelsea and I then undressed each other before returning to Michele.  “Are you sure this is okay?” She asked shyly.

“Of course it is, Doll,” I replied.  “Chelsea and I have been playing together for years and even Mallory too.”

Michele swallowed. “Show me what to do then,” She said nervously.

“Just feel and enjoy.  Relax and don’t get into your head.  Let us show you how great it can be,” I instructed.  Michele again nodded and admitted she had been watching lesbian sex clips for a while now and had only been getting more and more curious with each one she watched.

Getting The Performance Underway

Mallory finished removing Michele’s shorts and tugged her to the floor.  Chelsea and I laid on each side of her and begin kissing up and down her body, nipping and sucking on her nipples.  Mallory spread Michele’s bent legs and settled between them.  As soon as her tongue lightly licked Michele’s pussy, she arched her back and moaned.  Chelsea and I each reached down and spread one of her pussy lips to assist Mallory.

Chelsea climbed on top of Michele’s face and she started licking her pussy tentatively.  I got on all fours and began to finger Mallory as she licked and sucked Michele’s clit while fingering her pussy.  Chelsea spread my ass cheeks and began to eat my ass.  We were all a writhing hot mess on the floor, bodies grinding against each other and full of need.

The Grand Finale Lesbian Sex Clips Halftime Show

Chelsea continued to eat my ass while Mallory started fingering my pussy.  Chelsea pulled Michele’s legs back and began tonguing her pussy while Mallory ate her ass.  Michele was really getting into it now and began to finger Chelsea as she continued to lick her pussy.  Suddenly, Michele screamed as she came and the vibrations against Chelsea’s clit sent her into an orgasm as well.

Chelsea fell to the side and laid next to Michele.  She pulled me over her face while Mallory laid in front of me.  She was arching her hips and fucking my face from underneath me.  Chelsea nipped my clit and sent me spiraling into an orgasm.  I shoved two fingers deep into Mallory’s tight little pussy and within a few thrusts, she was coming too.  We all collapsed into a sweaty heap on the floor.

Lesbian Sex Clips – Worthy Of An Encore

We looked up and found the guys standing in the doorway watching.  “Well ladies looks like you guys certainly found your own entertainment,” Dale said.  He walked forward and scooped Michele up without another word.  Conner took Chelsea by the hand and led her upstairs.  Aaron looked between me and Mallory.  I held out my hand to her and we followed him from the room for our own encore performance.  “I doubt we need more lesbian sex clips for inspiration.  Let’s go create our own fantasies,” I said with a smirk.

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