Bimbo Games & The Kinky Fun We Have With Them

My friends & I enjoy getting together at least once a month.  We will either go to clubs, each other’s houses, sex clubs, dungeons, or wherever the mood strikes us.  Regardless of what we decide to do, we definitely have fun & keep it interesting.  Working as phone sex operators have given us a wide range of expertise.  Lately, we decided to spice things up & started playing bimbo games.

Our Roles & The Bimbo Games We Play

I’m not exactly sure how this started exactly.  I think Delilah & Brittany showed up in a very similar outfit, only Delilah’s was shorter.  Brittany hated not looking the hottest so her dress was shorter at the next event.  Of course, I wasn’t about to let the younger girls leave me out of the fun so the following time MY dress was the shortest.  From there, it was game on!

We began dressing in the shortest, skimpiest outfits we could find.  We never know what the others are going to show up in so each month is a full surprise.  The sluttier the outfit, the better.  We each play our role to perfection & there is never a shortage of available playmates.  We make a competition with our bimbo games & see who can get the most attention & men.

bimbo games

A Cougar On The Prowl

As the oldest, I’m the cougar bimbo.  I usually wear tight short leather skirts, red stilettos, & low cut, skin tight animal print tops or tight black leather dresses with my cleavage spilling out.  Upon arriving I immediately scope out the youngest men & plan my move.  My bag of tricks contains multiple condoms (only XXL of course), lube, & big dildos.

I’ll do anything to get myself off, no matter where I am.  If there’s not an available cock then you can find me with a plug in my ass, a toy in my pussy, or both.  I am a size queen so if you’re small, don’t waste my time.  I’ll have you on your knees before you know it while you watch me pleasure myself with a huge dildo.  If you’re lucky, I’ll let you cum but only if you beg me sweetly.

bimbo games

Daddy’s Not-So-Sweet Little Girl

Brittany is our little girl cum slut dressing as daddy’s little girl while sporting pigtails.  You can usually find her in a short little skirt with ruffled panties that peek out when she bends over, ruffled socks, & black mary janes.  She loves to put an innocent twist on her bimbo looks & will talk in the sweetest baby voice.  She has the perfect pout & lip quiver if she doesn’t get her way… which isn’t very often.

However, don’t let Brittany’s innocent appearance fool you, she has walking sex appeal.  She’ll sit with her legs spread like she doesn’t know better or will crawl in your lap to cuddle.  The way she sucks on her lollipop leaves no doubt as to the things she’ll do with your cock once she gets it in her mouth.  Her bag of tricks contains lollipops & little vials to store cum so she can enjoy it both now while saving some for later.

bimbo games

Lover Of Man & Beast Alike

Delilah is our resident animal lover.  Her go-to outfit is a super short red skirt that barely covers her pussy & no panties.  She has tall black stiletto thigh high boots, a button down top that she doesn’t bother to button, & a racy red bra peeking through.  No matter what outfit she wears it’s usually some variation of black, white, & red… after all, those are the colors dogs see the best right?

She often has a leash hanging from around her neck & multiple collars on the strap of her bag.  If she can’t find a dog to play with then she will make you get on all fours & act like one for her!  Her bag of tricks is filled with dog treats & little packs of peanut butter so she can entice man’s best friend to be her best friend.

Tonight’s Adventure Of Bimbo Games

Tonight was a night like no other.  Brittany, Delilah, and I were meeting at a friend’s house for a play party.  These parties turn into all-out orgies so I knew we would all be playing the bimbo games to win.  We were dressed to kill & set the rules in play upon arriving.  There would be no stealing guys from each other; however, each time one of us is with him, he gets a point.  Then, whoever is the last to play with him gets all the points.

Brittany pulled a lollipop from her purse & began scanning the guests.  She smiled as she spotted the oldest gentleman in the room.  She made her way to him & crawled into his lap.  Brittany thinks that if she wears out the older guests first then they won’t be able to perform later.  Therefore, her points will remain intact for the evening.

And The Hunt Is On

Delilah immediately began searching out the athletic types.  She figures if they look like they work out then they likely have a dog they jog with.  This way she is able to play with the man now & beast later.  She spots an overly muscled, rugged guy & makes her way over to him.  He takes note of the leash around her neck & they immediately begin talking about their dogs.  She looks over her shoulder & gives me a wink before turning back to him.

I giggle as I start looking everyone over.  I find my next playmate & make my way over to him.  He is young, probably barely old enough to drink & clearly out of his social element.  Perfect!  He will latch onto me & be grateful for the attention & therefore eager to please.  He also won’t be quite so set in his ways & open for my instruction & have the stamina necessary to keep me happy.

Bimbo Games In Full Force Throughout The Night

I look over at Brittany & she has already traded her lollipop for the guy’s cock.  She eagerly sucks it, milking him of every last drop of cum.  I look over at Delilah & couldn’t help but laugh.  She has already gotten the man in a collar & is dragging him from the room by a leash.  I approach my guy & without a word, I hook my finger in his collar & pull him after me.   We reach a quiet corner & I lower my dress, pushing his head onto my breasts.  I reach into his pants & can’t believe my luck!  The guy is tiny despite being over 6 foot tall & muscular.

I shove him to his knees & reach into my bag pulling out my biggest dildo.  His eyes get huge as he eyes it.  “Don’t worry,” I say, “Use this & your tongue to give me the best orgasm I have ever had & I’ll allow you to cum without using my dildo on you too.”  He immediately gets to work licking & sucking my pussy as he works my dildo in & out of me.  I knew Brittany & Delilah wouldn’t be interested in him so I wasn’t about to miss out on my point.  After he makes me orgasm, I have him jerk off into a vial & save the cum to give to Brittany later.

An End To Our Evening Of Kinky Fun Bimbo Games

This wild kinky fun continues long into the early hours of dawn.  Britt & I are finally exhausted & make our way to leave.  We look all over the house for Delilah but she is nowhere to be found.  I suddenly have an idea about where she might be & drag Brittany behind me as we head out to the backyard.  There, on the picnic table is Delilah.  There are two dogs on her side licking peanut butter from her breasts while she is mounted by a third.  Brittany clears her throat & says, “Come on girl, I’ve already won these games” as she waves her purse filled with cum vials.

“That may be so,” Delilah replies, “But mine is the only pussy filled with dog cum!”  We all laugh as she fixes her clothes & head home, already thinking about how to outdo each other at the next event.

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