Jenny and I loved going to night clubs in Atlantic City – Our hot spot is the Mixx at the Borgota! It was a typical Saturday night out at the club both in our tightest little black dresses, sexy stiletto heels and luscious silky black stockings. After a few drinks and an extra shots of Fireball, we decided to leave. We were having too much fun together and we didn’t need a guy spoiling our sexy scissor sister party. Since we were both a little loaded, we called for Uber to drive us back to my house. I think the driver thought he was going to be invited to our little party. NOT! Jenny casually mentioned how tired she was chasing guys. I replied with a nod, as I agreed to her statement wholeheartedly. I couldn’t wait to get in the front door and slip out of my heels. Jenny had something different in mind…

As I slowly turned around, Jenny   was right there. My heart practically skipped a beat. Usually I’m the aggressive one. At that very moment, I bite my bottom lip, as she licked her lips like a hungry lioness. Suddenly, she had her hands on my shoulder and kissed me lightly. Like this moment was fragile and I might break.  She quickly pulled, as if she thought she pushed her boundaries.  I didn’t want her to move away, so I placed my hand on her elbow and held her in place. Without hesitation she leaned back in and kissed me deep. We explored each other’s mouths with our tongues. She suddenly shoved me up against the wall and her hands began roaming my body. I slowly nibbled the bottom of her lip, as she reached her hand behind me to my zipper. Slowly the dress slips off my shoulders and I stepped out of it. Jenny pushed me back against the wall and looked down to admire my breasts in my black lace bra. She leaned in and slowly made her way from my lips to my earlobe. She couldn’t resist me, as she made a trail down my neck and across my shoulders.

I couldn’t control my breathing, as she made her way down to my tits. She unhooked my bra and tossed it behind her. My nipples were already hard as little pebbles. Jenny  began to kiss the tops of my breasts, as she flicked her tongue over my nipples. I moaned in pure pleasure, as she started to suck on my erect nipples. I could already feel my pussy dripping. Without skipping a beat, she glided her hands into my panties and teased my throbbing little clit. She was driving me crazy. “Please, Jenny.” I groaned. “What do you want me to do?” She asks seductively. “Eat me out,” I breathlessly replied. “Ask me nicely.” “Jenny, please, please eat out my pussy.” “You’re so fucking wet for me.” She replied, as she slipped my panties down.

I was at her mercy and she knew this. I wanted to lose all control to her, as I revealed my shaved pussy to her for the first time. She tentatively licked my clit and flickered her tongue across my sensitive area. She pushed one hand up and played with my breast. Ever so gently she tugged on my sweet nipples. She slowly inserted a finger inside me. Jenny  started sucking on my clit, as she eagerly found my g-spot. Slowly she inserted yet another finger, as I gasped in ecstasy. My head rolled back and I closed my eyes. My moaning and gasping grew stronger, as I called out her name. “Yes Jenny , just like that.” I pushed her face deeper into my pussy, as an extreme orgasm ravished my body. My body quivered over and over, as she continued pushing me to the edge and begging for more.   I didn’t want to stop there and neither did Jenny.  Stay tuned for Lesbian Sexy Scissor Sisters Part 2 or call me to find out the sizzling details.

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