My body quivered over and over, as she continued pushing me to the edge and begging for more.   I didn’t want to stop there and neither did Jenny.  Read Lesbian Sexy Scissor Sisters Part 1

Slowly Jenny took her fingers out and pushed her tongue in its place as her mouth continued to suck me.  Her touch totally took over my body, as she reached up and started working her magic on my breasts and nipples.  My body quivered with excitement, as I felt another orgasm coming on.  There’s nothing more pleasurable than having toe curling phone sex that makes you cum over and over.

She pulled away slowly, as I was coming down from my orgasm.  “You squirted,” she giggled “Did you know you squirted?” “Sometimes. If I’m really turned on l do.” I replied breathlessly. “It was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” she said quickly.  I blushed in response.  Jenny grinned at me, as if she had opened a chest of treasures.  I couldn’t resist pulling her into me, as I kissed her sweet lips.   I could taste the yummy taste of my pussy juices on her lips.

Our naughty play wasn’t over yet, as I turned her sweet body against the wall and nibbled on her neck. I began to kiss her naked shoulders as I made my way down to her bare breasts.  Jenny was perfect in every way – sweet pink nipples and her milky white skin.  She moaned ever so gently, as she closed her eyes and bit down on her bottom lip. She continued to make cute sexy noises with each inch of her body I explored.  I traveled down her body and pulled off her thong with my teeth. I began licking her clit and rubbing her breasts with my hands. I could feel her legs tremble, as I lick and teases every inch of her body.  She quickly orgasmed.

i couldn’t and didn’t want to stop there.  Gently, I grabbed one of her legs and placed it over my shoulder to have better access. Jenny grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my head deeper into her wet snatch.  I devoured her with my tongue.  Teasing her, I lingered for what seemed hours on her clit. I pressed my tongue deep inside her tasting her juices on the length of my tongue.  I couldn’t resist slipping into my strap on and slipping it into her tight little hole.  Working it deeper with each thrust.  I alternated movements from long and slow to hard and fast.  She always loved when I would peg her sweet tight holes. I loved bring her to the edge and pulling her back. It didn’t take long before I allowed her to release.  She moaned and gasped out my name, as she trembled to another orgasm. She almost couldn’t catch her breath, as she laid there panting and quivering with pure excitement.

Jenny then pushed me onto the bed and lies on top of me, as we kiss passionately.  Her mouth still wet with my sweet juices. each other’s cum. Our breasts pushed against one another’s and our pussy juices mingled together.
We both stop, as I kiss her once again very softly.  Then I begin to scissor her, as we both come again and I collapse on top of her.

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