Lesbian Prison Sex.

Lesbian Prison Sex: I was locked up once. I was running away with the guy of my dreams, and we stole a truck. We were heading to Florida when we wrecked it. The police came, and he was head over heels for me, so he said he would take the fall. They locked me up anyway. Believe me, when I say, the arresting officer got off frisking me and he also charged me with Drug paraphernalia, because of my pretty new glass bowl. Boyfriend got 18 months, and I got 6. I didn’t have to do a hard time, but I still pulled a stint.

It’s not like TV. I mean yeah, some of the conditions are horrible, and the food isn’t anything to brag about. But what TV doesn’t tell you is that almost everyone in prison becomes ” GAY for the Stay”. Let me explain.

I went into the prison to serve my time and I was scared to death. Thought I would be surrounded by murderers and everyone would want to hurt or kill me. I was wrong. Sure there were murderers, junkies, gang bangers & drug lords, but these women weren’t horrible people. In prison, I met some of the best friends I have ever had, and don’t think for a second that all the women in prison are bull dykes, because there were some gorgeous women in there, I mean some of them could have been high-end models.

Which brings me to a little story I want to share with you.

There was this blue, a cop, who was a grade-A fuckin asshole. He knew that he had us wrapped around his little finger, and we would have to do anything he asked. I had only been there for a week, and I was assigned to laundry. I had made a good friend there and she asked me if I was interested in being her PW- for those of you that don’t know, that means her prison wife. So I knew what it meant to be someone’s prison wife, it’s a lot like being a wife, you fuck the same piece of ass, day in and day out, but you also watch each other back and share canteen.

I declined her offer of being strictly hers, but I told her I wasn’t opposed to lesbian prison sex. I decided I would make the best of my circumstances, and I became Gay for the stay.

Officer Miller, heard our conversation. He stepped out from behind the edge of the dryer and told us he could cite us both for the conversation we were having and we would both be sent to seg. Unless…  We would suck his cock and eat each other’s pussies, and let him fuck us. So we did what we had to, to stay out of the hole. Randa and I started making out and then took turns sucking on Miller’s cock, she was a junkie but you would never know it. Her body was perfect.

I began to undress her, and licked my way over every inch of her, while Miller watched, stroking his cock.

His dick wasn’t big, but it was a dick and I wanted it. He took turns fucking us while we ate each other out. Lesbian prison sex was fucking hot, especially when you’ve got a crooked ass blue, fucking you from behind and shoving your face in a sweet convicted cunt.

(to be continued)

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