I Met A New Sexy Lesbian Friend

I made a new friend recently, I signed up for some cooking classes. And the gal I was paired up with is really nice and we get along very well and are good together in the kitchen. I liked her so much in fact I asked her if she’d like to go out for a drink after class. And she accepted right away. She actually asked me if I’d rather go to her place, as she was only a couple of blocks from where the class was. So I said sure, sounds like fun. We walked back to her place and she had a nice little house. And several kinds of wine to choose from. I had no idea that she was a lesbian.

She Leaned Over And Kissed Me

We decided upon one and sat on her couch and talked and drank for a while. Conversation soon turned to our past sexual experiences with men. And she then piped up that she’d also had some lesbian experiences with women and asked if I had as well. And I lied and said no, and with that, she leaned over and kissed me. But I was  surprised I liked it. I let her kiss me deeply and thoroughly and felt myself getting wet. And as if sensing that, she slid her hand up my leg and under my shorts. And towards the crotch of my panties.

I Was So Turned On

I could feel her hand rubbing my cunt lips through the thin fabric. And I must admit, it did feel very good and I spread my legs wider to give her more access. And I soon felt skin against skin and I  enjoyed her touch very much. I’d had other lesbian experiences. But I was curious to see this through and allowed her to continue touching me. I was soon bucking against her hand and enjoying the feeling of her fingers toying with my moist pussy.
It didn’t take long before I came and she then became even more aggressive. She pushed me back on the sofa and was undressing me and opening my legs wide. And getting between my legs and putting them over her shoulder. And she feasted upon my cunt and licked me into a further state of arousal. I’d never been eaten out as tenderly as she was doing to me. She sucked on my stiffened clit and slithered her expert tongue around my puffy pussy lips. This hot lesbian knows how to go down on another woman better than any man.

 I Was Ready For Another Orgasm

 lesbian play Dana
I was again pushed over the brink of orgasm. And I came unlike any other time. I was so glad I’d gone to her place. She didn’t expect anything in return. I think in the future I could, definitely enjoy the lesbian experience with her.
And I think the receiving was enough for me. I loved it. After those two explosive orgasms, I was feeling exhausted and wanted to go home for the evening. But I hadn’t a doubt I’d be back for more soon. I knew what it was like to lick pussy  even though I made believe I was new at pussy play. But now I felt the next time I might return the favor. I will always love cock more than pussy .But there is no harm in enjoying some girl on girl play.
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