Girls Just Want to Have Fun!


What does a typical day out look like for me and the girls? First rule: NO MEN! Just us girls, no work, no stress, no family drama, no ties of any sort. We have it hard! We’re a group of hard-working women. After working weeks on end, we take a break from the strip club to satisfy our needs. No waiting on men, no getting down on our knees. It’s our time and we make sure that each time we’re together, it turns into a lesbian love fest! Just like it should be when the guys aren’t around!

As a dancer, our feet hurt 24/7, it’s hard to look sexy while balancing on 8″ stilettos and trying hard not to fall on our faces. With that in mind, day and night we work to make it look like a cakewalk. We’re all contracted at the high baller club in the city, only the best of the best entertainers can show there. It’s not for the faint of heart. On a decent night, we can make well over $1000. Evidently, we’re some bad bitches. So, on these days we treat ourselves as such.

Since men only know just the basics when it comes to pleasing a woman’s clit, when we get together we vent. You would think that venting consists of crying, yelling, and screaming. However, only 2/3 of those are some of the things we do when we vent. Why you ask? Well, on our free days, we start and end the day with a lesbian love fest. It’s our way of showing each other our love and appreciation. Even though we’re not a team, it builds a bond, unity, connection, and respect. We all bring our favorite toy to the party and have some fun!

Lesbian love fest fun and games!

To loosen up we bring the liquor! Wine, tequila, whiskey, you name it, it’s there! We always meet at my friend Sammy’s house since it’s a three-story house, with a massive backyard, and a huge pool and jacuzzi. We blast the speakers to Megan thee Stallion, Cardi B, and Nicki. Some of us strip completely down to tan our ass cheeks under the hot sun. Yeah, we know the neighbors watch and jerk off to us but we don’t care! Sammy just got new outdoor beds to fuck in, since we messed up the last ones!

Apparently, these beds are durable and can withstand a group of horny girls and all the craziness that comes with them! I love bringing out the dildo-covered yoga ball. During one of our lesbian love fest days, we covered a yoga ball in all our dildos! So, now there are dildos of so many different sizes, it’s so fun to ride! I hop on there now and again. However, my friends are such baddies that we stray away from penetrating ourselves with toys. Instead, we fuck our gooey wet pussys with one another.

Cum fuck at the lesbian love fest!

We trib, scissors, and slide against one another. Neighbors, including some women, peek out their windows to watch us. We give them a show they can’t resist. Our baddie girl group consists of big titties, big asses, small asses, small titties, thick bitches, and petite ones too! Every now and again we’ll bring one of our favorite clients to come party with us, he’s always left completely satisfied after a massive avalanche cum load has been drained out of him. They’re always left begging for more!

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