It’s snowflakes and cum fun!!!


Every year, our family goes to Lake Tahoe for some Christmas fun! and this year, I’m going with my cousin Teddy! We have had our little “get-togethers” now and again throughout the years. One thing I love about Teddy is his avalanche cum load. The first few times I got a dose of his load, I admit, it was overwhelming. However, I grew to love and crave it. Unfortunately, we can’t always sneak off together since our family is so massive and crawling everywhere, anywhere we go! So, I’ve got my fingers crossed this year!

Remember that movie Home Alone? Well, go ahead and imagine the airport scene where the whole family is running and looks like a complete mess…. that’s us! Anyways, we get to the lobby of this beautiful huge lodge. The place is built off chestnut furniture, it smells like Christmas, and the decorations are gorgeous! Then, as the rest of the family arrives, I see Teddy! He smiles at me with those sexy dimples, his dark brown curls fall against his face, and his smile illuminates against his olive skin. I feel my pussy getting wet, oh no!

The lodge has an abnormally large and long front reception. So, while everyone is checking in, Teddy comes up behind me and slips his hand under my leggings, and tries to stick his fingers into my pussy! I look at him completely freaked out, and his only response is sticking his fingers up to his nose, smelling them, and biting his sexy lips. I swear, I could probably have an orgasm right here, right now, just by looking at him! He knows exactly what he’s doing to me, and quite frankly, I love it! I’m craving his avalanche cum load more than anything right now!

Forget Starbucks! I’m craving Teddy’s avalanche cum load!!!

Between all the hustle and bustle of settling into the lodge, everyone finally sets off as a whole to the ski lifts and partners up. Teddy stands right next to me making it completely obvious to our other cousins, just exactly what we were up to! They know about us, it’s just the parents that don’t. Since we were kids we’ve been messing around, we’ve never been able to take our eyes off each other. As soon as we’re on the ski lift, it’s on. Teddy’s hands squeeze my tits, he pushes them right under my sweater and pinches my nipples.

It’s a long way up, so we have some time to “catch up”. Our tongues dance in between our mouths and I feel Teddy’s fingers going down my leggings but when he reaches my extremely wet pussy he says “Oh god”. Then, he gets onto his knees and pulls my leggings down to my knees! It’s so fucking cold! The ski lift is like a giant ice cube rubbing against my ass, but it’s all worth it when Teddy’s lips begin to make out with my cunt. I grip and wiggle, and bite my lip but I can’t hold on any longer! I have the best orgasm and cum in Teddy’s mouth!

Family fun with an avalanche cum load to top it off!

Next, he helps slip my leggings back up and I look at him like he’s my knight in shining armor, “Teddy your so fucking hot baby” It’s my turn now! He zips his jeans down and pulls that towering dick out, the bit of sunlight shining through the clouds shines against that hard cock, making it look that much more appealing. Then, I begin by pressing my tongue under his shaft, while I’m cupping and massaging his balls. I look straight into his eyes the whole time and begin to take his dick down my throat. I can tell he’s getting excited by the way he’s grabbing onto my hair.

Then, I choke on his cock for a while until there’s finally tears coming out of my eyes! Honestly, I haven’t had a deep throat like this since the construction worker cocks I sucked about a month ago. I’m trying to keep up with Teddy but he’s going to town on my mouth! He’s got me choking, gagging, and slobbering on his fat dick! Although I feel like I can’t take anymore, I keep holding on! Finally, Teddy’s avalanche cum load explodes like a bomb inside my throat, and all the tears come down my face. An overwhelming bliss comes over me.

Move over girl, I own his rock-hard cock!

When I look up at Teddy he’s completely relaxed. He’s got his head back and his eyes closed. I keep his dick in my mouth a bit longer. Then, I make sure to finish off the job right, cleaning him up and making sure he’s completely drained. Apparently, his girlfriend came looking for him on the trip. She was worried, since they had a recent fight, and she wanted to come make it up to him. Instead. When I lift my head off his cock and look over. She’s in the ski lift coming down right next to us and saw the way I relieved Teddy.

Obviously, I smile and wave to be polite. We had the best time together and later, we found out that his girlfriend ended up going home. Now, I’ll be servicing his cock during this whole trip!

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