Lesbian love affair with my straight co-worker.

Lesbian love affair. I never knew she had a lesbian fantasy until that one slow day at the salon. Hiding in the massage room and trying to think of a blog for this week I just wanted to be left alone. Having writer’s block I was beginning to stress. There was a knock at the door. I opened it and Becky was standing there. She was dressed in her low cut v neck that makes her boobs look amazing. She asked what I was doing back here alone. Explaining that I was struggling to think of a good blog idea. She offered to help me think.

So we thought, and thought, and thought.

She finally said that we should act out a blog. Questioning what she meant she began to explain. She has only had sex with a man and always fantasized about a lesbian love affair. Again I questioned her, right here in the salon?

Yep, she was eager to play with titties and lick pussy.

She got undressed and began to undress me as I laid back on the massage table. Kissing me with her soft lips I grabbed her hand and placed it on my tit. She caressed them and kissed her way down to them. Licking and kissing them I could tell she was getting into this. Running my hand up her thigh I began to finger her wet pussy.

I could not believe how wet she was.

I had to taste her, I lifted my fingers to my mouth and sucked her sweet pussy juice off of them. Oh my, she tasted so good. Becky began to kiss down my belly and not stopping until she reached my pussy. For someone who has never had a lesbian love affair before she was pretty dam good at this. I can only hope that we have more lesbian love affairs.

Keep checking my blog for more stories with Becky.

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