Obviously, I am a busy girl with hot guys. However, did you know I am also good with women? Oh, yes, I am amazing at Lesbian Female Orgasm Control! I find the woman’s body so beautiful and sexy. We have so many areas to explore and pleasure. There are so many things about a woman. The curves of her ass and hips, her cleavage and sexy breasts and oh, my, gosh, a tight, clean pussy, begging for me to lick it.

Almost all women have sensual, beautiful lips made for kissing. We are born with a talent to kiss. When I first kiss a female partner, there is a spark going down through my body and igniting inside my pussy. It is getting my juices flowing and me ready to do a whole lot more with her. Of course, I love taking my time to explore her body. Using my perfectly manicured hands, roaming over her curves, then using my lips and tongue to make her wet as well.

This is the beginning of my Lesbian Female Orgasm Control!

As a sensual domme goddess, the men don’t get this kind of attention from me. My goal is teasing and torturing them with my sexy body and amazing skills. My Naughty Erotic Edging involves getting very close to them but not close enough to let them touch my gorgeous body. It is exquisite seeing the pain in their eyes as their balls are filling with cum and they aren’t getting any release! It can be intense and not all are up for the challenge. My subs are pretty special.

However, being with a woman and using my lesbian female orgasm control on her requires tons of interaction. Using my skills, body, and mind taking her to the edge and bringing her back. So many women I am meeting have never gotten the chance to experience female edging. It is fun being their first. Of course, they are always coming back for more after that first time.

My skills are like no other!


A lot of my callers love my Bilingual JOI Phone Sex. I am driving them wild with my Spanish. When I am with my lady lovers, I use my Latina skills as well. Whispering to them in Spanish, getting them so wet and ready to cum, only to stop and make them wait. Oh, I love it when they are begging me to let them cum. Not until I say you can, pretty lady, not until I permit you.

For me, it is all about controlling my partners. The thrill of them being under my spell. Using all my amazing skills taking them so close to cumming only to reel them back from the edge again and again. Of course, when they finally ready to cum, their climaxes are insanely huge. That, my friends, is why edging is so incredible. You build-up to that final moment and then, BAM!!

I am finding it amazing how many people are unable to wait for their climax.

People don’t have the patience to wait for a better orgasm and they are missing out. Being a sensual domme has afforded me many opportunities and lessons in sex. One of which is edging and how it can improve your climax. If you are willing to be patient and pull back a few times, just to start, the first time will show you how amazing it is. Once, you do your first edging session, you can build up to longer ones.

It takes time to be able to hold out. Some guys can go for hours because they have been doing it for a long time. When you are first starting you have to learn to hold out. It is the same with my lesbian female orgasm control. I can’t make her wait hours on our first night playing together. However, I can show her how much better her climax is with some edging added into our play.

When my lady lovers see this success, they are ready for more.

For instance, Candace is a new lover. She and I started playing together tonight. As I am exploring her body, I am running my hands over her beautiful curves. I get down to that pussy, and start by using my hands first, then my mouth. As she is getting into it, I pull back and start going over the ass with my mouth and hands. Of course, she is ready to cum, but I am not ready for her to cum, yet!

I continue with this game exploring her, eating that fine, tight pussy until she is unable to wait any longer. So, is your dick hard imagining me down between her legs? You know we do two-girl calls, right?! Call me and let’s play!

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