Lesbian Fantasies – Erotic Lesbian Encounter With Naughty Little Teen Slut!

When I am alone at night, I can’t help but have the naughtiest, most erotic lesbian fantasies about my best girlfriend! She is so fucking sexy, with her double D breasts and kissable ruby red lips. She has curves that go on for miles, in all the right places, and a sassy attitude to match!

I get so wet when I think about her!

Even right now, as I am thinking about her, my pussy is throbbing and dripping. I yearn for her supple, plump double D breasts to be pressed up against me as she slides her fingers inside of my dripping wet cunt.

The sweet smell of her perfume still lingers on my sheets and pillows, from where she was the other day. I long to kiss her sensuously, soft lips as her tongue caresses mine, and we become one big sweaty, tangled mess of limbs.

In my lesbian fantasies, her legs are tangled with mine as I thrust my fingers into her tight teen pussy. The soft sounds of our breathing and panting become one as we moan in pleasure while making love.

The countless things that I would do to her tight body!

The excitement would be written all over my face, with a big smile plastered on my face, as I slid into that strap-on, making that cock my own. As I adjust it to fit my hips perfectly, I feel I gain more confidence.

Knowing that my cock will soon be inside of her, knowing that I will finally be the one to make her squirm and moan loudly, I bite my bottom lip in anticipation. I start to stroke my enormously thick 8-inch cock then call her my dirty little cum guzzling slut.

She smiles, knowing that it’s true, then eagerly spreads her legs for me. The view is perfect; I can see her freshly shaven perky pink pussy ready and willing to take me inside of her. Feeling that warm, wet, tight, teen pussy on my throbbing rock-hard cock would be heaven.

My lesbian fantasies make my cunt throb so hard!

I slide my pulsating cock inside of her, watching her face contort into immense pleasure as I enter her. She bites her tongue to hold back a scream as I thrust harder and deeper into her tight little slit. She’s so wet that I easily slide in and out of her as pre-cum oozes out of my cock and into her.

Her back arches as she curls her toes and moans loudly. Her pussy pulsates and squeezes me tightly as her sticky, thick, creamy cum covers my cock. I pound her harder, knowing that her pussy is now extremely sensitive after just cumming.

She screams my name loudly as she arches her back and grips the sheets tightly into her white-knuckled fists. I thrust harder then go even faster as she screams in bliss. God, she feels so good on my cock; she is griping me so fucking hard!

She is so greedy, taking in all of my cock and still demanding that I give her more. Her eyes roll back in ecstasy as she cums over and over again. I absolutely love it!

I can feel it all in my lesbian fantasies! Every pulse, every throb, every bead of sweat dripping on my neck as she breathes heavily into my ear while whispering sweet nothings.

I make her cum and scream for me all night long!

As I pound her, faster and harder, I can feel that oh so sweet and familiar sensation building up. Like a volcano waiting to explode, the pressure builds. Then, finally, I grip into her back with my nails as a guizer of cum gushes out of my throbbing cunt.

Panting from exhaustion and satisfaction, we both lay back and smile at one another. Her body melts into mine as I drag my fingers across her naked figure, so perfect and pure. She looks up at me, then gives me one hard, long kiss on the lips before getting up then heading out.


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