Animal Play – Horny Teen Takes Care of Naughty Animalistic Urges!

Are you having those naughty animal play thoughts again? Then let me help you alleviate some of that throbbing sexual tension.

While I was pet sitting for one of my friends, I realized something. I realized that one: his Newfoundland had an enormous cock! And two, I was getting very turned on by watching him lick himself.

I Bit my bottom lip; I couldn’t help but stare. Slowly, I moved my right-hand down abdomen to my crotch; then, I started to play with my pussy through my panties. My panties were already soaking wet.

My mind started racing with all of those naughty animal play thoughts.

After a while, I decided to sit down next to him and pet him. His cock was still hanging out. I licked my lips then gently grabbed hold of his enormous cock. He seemed shocked at first, but still, he let me touch him.

Before I knew it, his cock was inside my mouth, and I was sucking on him, hard.

The taste was excellent, unlike anything else I have ever had. He smelt not of dog but of full-blown man musk. I closed my eyes and enjoyed feeling him throb inside of my mouth; I was in so much bliss; animal play is such fun! Then I heard a clicking sound.

My friend stood behind me, frozen, just staring. He stared at me as I tried to explain, then he laughed. I was baffled as to what he thought was so funny.

He stopped laughing, then looked back at his dog and said, “Well, you aren’t just going to leave him hanging, are you?” I shook my head in shock at the fact he didn’t even ask any questions. He told me to continue and to actually let him fuck me. I swallowed hard then started to get undressed.

His cock was still so hard; it was throbbing!

I got down on all fours then put my ass up into the air. He sniffed my ass then licked me. I could feel his warm breath on my tight little cunt; then I felt his paws on my hips. My heart started racing as his cock searched for my cunt.

Finally, his cock slid straight into my pussy. I moaned in pleasure; he was so big! His cock was so thick. I could feel him pulsating inside of me as he pounded away at my soaking wet little cunt. Slowly, he knotted inside of me, stretching me completely.

I screamed in pleasure as the animal play fun continued.

I could feel his cock thicken as he was getting closer and closer. Then it hit me like a power pressure hose. Hot, sticky, creamy cum gushed inside of me. There was so much that it started to drip out of me. I began to relax as he hopped down and left me there. I still could not believe what had just happened.

Suddenly I felt another tongue on my pussy; it was lapping up all of the cum from my dripping pussy. I looked back and saw my friend, completely naked, licking my little cunt. Before I could say anything, he pushed his cock into me and started pounding my pussy hard.

I moaned as he fucked me, relentlessly!

All I could think about was how much my animal play fun had turned him on! He grunted and groaned as he slid in and out of me. Cum was leaking out of me onto the floor still.

I looked back at him and tried to talk, but before I could, he was shoving his cock into my mouth as his dog was mounting me again for some more animal play. My nipples grew so hard as I felt both of them insert themselves inside of my tight little holes.

I felt as if I was floating, in pure bliss as they used my naked, sopping wet body as they pleased.

Both their cocks started throbbing hard. My eyes widened when I realized that I was about to be gushing cum again. I was finally getting that hot steamy, gooey goodness that I craved so much on overload.

Once they finished, he threw my clothes and a twenty-dollar bill at me before heading upstairs with his dog. He didn’t even say a single word; he just left me naked and covered in cum and sweat on the floor.

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