Lesbian Dom. I love when she tells me what to do.

I constantly have these fantasies of violence of the most sexual kind. Imagine deep red velvet curtains black satin sheets and horsetails. Laying against a wall bound and gagged an amazon of a woman stomping her way towards me ready to dominate me in an extremely sexual way. I shake with fear as she kicks me repeatedly gracefully. Then says “Quivering with lust bitch or are you afraid of your mistress? Gagged I shook my head no as she forcefully grabs me face the strap-on penetrates me deeply and impales my insides.

My body goes limp with satisfaction as tears stream down my face. over and over she makes me beg for her savage pussy ever lick taste of pure pleasure. Hands tied behind my back my face is buried in her pussy when see has her fill of my tongue she uses the biggest strap-on to destroy my inner walls. Ass and pussy were stretched to their limit I struggle to breathe because of the pain pleasure and hand wrapped aggressively around my neck. She penetrated me harder and harder. Faster and faster. I didn’t know what to do. My body overwhelmed with sensation. Pain. Pleasure.

Can you imagine how my nerves were confused?

She moved her hand down my body grabbed my hips and began to thrust harder. She removed herself from me and forced my back to the ground. Then she stomped again and I found her pussy assaulting my face. She rode my face like it was a cock. Her pussy filled my mouth with juice. I struggled to swallow. All of a sudden my mistress moaned loudly. Smiling I licked faster knowing that I was pleasing my mistress. Seconds later, her legs convulsed as she gushed in my mouth. I swallowed it all. She rose up again and inserted the cock inside me. As she finished with me. I clung to life.

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