Lesbian Cuckold – My Strap-On Was Better Than Her Husband’s Cock

When the couple moved in next door, Amy was skeptical towards me.  Little did she know that I would teach her husband to please her via lesbian cuckold.  Every time we passed each other in the parking lot she’d give me a dirty look and keep walking.  I decided to kill her with kindness and made a conscious effort to ignore her husband, Greg.  After a few weeks, she started to thaw towards me and, at least, stopped giving me dirty looks.

One afternoon, I got home from work and saw Amy struggling to get a chair out of the door.  Without a word, I rushed over to help her.  We carried the chair all the way to the dumpster and then I turned to her and said, “Alright, let’s have a drink and bury the hatchet.  I have no interest in your husband.” With a giggle, Amy replied, “Me either.” I looked at her in shock and then we both laughed as we walked back towards the condo.

Learning Of My Neighbor’s Unhappy Marriage

We arrived back at my condo and I poured us both a drink.  We talked about random things and then began doing shots.  I told her the story of catching my sister fucked hard.  After a few, I turned to her and told her to explain her comment to me.  Suddenly, she let it all out.  How Greg was just out for himself and thoroughly sucked in bed.  He didn’t care if she got off and just treated her like she was there to fulfill a need.

Just when Amy was about to burst into tears, I leaned forward and kissed her.  She was shocked but didn’t resist.  She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me back with everything she had.  I quickly peeled off her clothes and sucked her nipples.  I continued nibbling down her ribs to her stomach, licking along with her hip bones to her sweet little, wet pussy.  After bringing her to an orgasm, she quickly shed my clothes and devoured my pussy.

Setting Up A Lesbian Cuckold

We continued playing together every chance we got.  We would meet at lunch breaks or after work, on the weekends and in the evenings.  Amy was having fun, but I could tell she still wanted more.  One evening after work, I stopped to buy a strap on.  I showed up on her doorstep and had it dangling from my fingertips when she opened the door.  She looked at me in surprise and I explained my idea to her.  “What better way to have Greg step up his game than to do a lesbian Cuckold?”

She opened the door wider and let me in.  She poured us drinks while I gave her more details of the plan.  Amy was nervous but excited and eager to try.  We would have it timed so that Greg would walk in on us and see how much fun we were having without him.  Amy and I continued drinking while she built her liquid courage.  I thought it was cute how nervous she was and did my best to reassure her.

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As time progressed, Amy got more nervous.  Finally, I decided it was time to distract her.  This would never work if she couldn’t get out of her head.  I leaned in and took her drink while kissing along her neck.  Nuzzling along her jaw, I slowly moving to her mouth while undressing her.  Then, I ran my hands all over her body until she was squirming with need.  I nibbled, bit, kissed and sucked her nipples before moving to do the same with her pussy.

After bringing her to an orgasm, I undressed and put on the strap on.  Amy again looked nervous, but I started the process over.  It wasn’t long before she was out of her head and enjoying all the sensations coursing through her body.  I flipped her over onto all fours and slid the thick dildo of my strap on into her tight little pussy.  I was thoroughly fucking her when Greg walked in and caught us as planned.  Amy tried to turn to him, but I pushed her head and shoulders into the mattress while holding her hands at the mall of her back.

Teaching Her Husband To Properly Fuck Via Lesbian Cuckold

“What the hell is going on in here?!” Greg yelled.

“Well,” I informed him, “It seems you suck in bed, so Amy has to come to a woman to get properly satisfied. You can either get on board and learn or get out.”  Greg was shocked by my tone and tried to yell for Amy to get up.  He moved towards me, but I leaned forward and rubbed my strap on along Amy’s G-Spot causing her to scream and squirt.  At that, Greg stopped and watched.  I could tell we had his attention, so I instructed him to get undressed.

He looked at Amy with a questioning look and she nodded yes and said they needed this.  I flipped Amy over to her back and straddled her hips as Greg got between her thighs.  I instructed him to tease her and go slow and steady.  To watch her reactions and that it wasn’t a race to the finish.  I taught him how to angle his hips to reach her G-spot or to stroke her cervix.  Greg was thrilled with her reactions and began to fuck her hard.  It wasn’t long before they were both screaming in orgasmic bliss.

Lesbian Cuckold Had The Desired Effect

After our lesbian cuckold lesson, Amy and I didn’t play together again.  However, I was happy that Amy and Greg were now in a sexually satisfying marriage.  She always had a smile whenever we saw each other and I was thrilled to have had a part in that.  Now, my experience one of the hottest phone sex girls continues to help other couples find mutual satisfaction… either together or separately.