Sister Fucked Hard Under Christmas Tree – Taboo Tuesday

Each Tuesday I will write a blog featuring either my favorite taboo memory… or a fantasy.  Working as a phone sex operator my world has been opened to a vast amount of fantasies.  Some of them I have done, others I still want to try.  It’s up to you to decide if the story has been experienced, or better yet, you can call me and ask!  I’m going to kick off this blog series with a story about my sister.  She loses her virginity and I’m there to witness the event.  Wow, is my sister fucked hard!  Was this the beginning of her love of rough sex or will she revert to the shy quiet girl?

Christmas Morning Secret Santa

Our family has the tradition of every year one of us tries to sneak a little extra present under the tree. I snuck downstairs to make my move once the party was winding down.  Most of the family had gone home but a few remained outside gathered around the fire.  I thought this would be the perfect time to hide the “forgotten” gift for someone to find later.  As I crept down the stairs, however, I heard a noise.  I slid against the wall and then peeked around the corner.

There, under the tree, was my little sister Kelly.  The little sneak!  I was just about to jump out and say “busted” when I noted Old Man Charley approach her.  He became a hermit once his wife died, therefore, I decided to wait.  It was nice to see him making an effort to socialize and Kelly was so shy, she would be the perfect person to talk to him.  I settled back against the wall and got comfortable, hoping this wouldn’t take long.  Little did I know that I would get more of a show than I bargained for!

Surprise Visit From An Old Neighbor

Charley approached Kelly and whispered in her ear.  She sat back in shock but didn’t seem to protest too much.  Kelly was always the quiet shy girl.  I sensed that beneath the quiet surface there was a kinky girl within begging to be free.  As she leaned back and watched Charley carefully, he reached forward and snatched her skirt off, quick as a wink!  Charley spread her thighs wide and said, “Just what I wanted for Christmas.  Pretty little Kelly and her pretty little pussy.”

Kelly struggled to cover herself but before she could, Charley’s mouth was on her.  She froze in shock, just as I started forward to save her.  Before I could say a word, however, Kelly threw her head back and moaned.  She relaxed her legs and laid back against the couch.  At that point I decided Kelly was fine and decided instead of saving her from Charley, I would guard her against family walking in.  I settled back against my post on the wall, watching her and keeping an eye out for approaching family members.

What’s That In Charley’s Pocket?

After eating my sister’s tight little pussy for a while, Charley reached into his pocket.  Kelly’s eyes widened but Charley shushed her as he inserted it into her pussy.  It was this little device that as my sister fucked hard, it started to expand and stretch her.  I was curious as to why Charley would want something like this.  I watched mesmerized and Kelly soon arched her back and moaned.  Charley fingered her tight little pussy through the opening of his device and it wasn’t long until she was squirming with need.

Charley stood and began to undress.  I could only see the back of him but Kelly suddenly looked terrified.  He murmured that she had nothing to worry about.  Kelly didn’t look convinced and so Charley reminded her that he had stretched her.  “It might be difficult, but I’ll fit, you’ll see,” he said.  He got onto his knees and began to help Kelly undress.  It was then that I got a side view of Charley and Oh. My. God!  Charley had the biggest cock I had ever seen.

Further Prep Necessary Before Sister Fucked Hard

Charley had the biggest cock I had ever seen, however, he appeared confident.  Kelly didn’t appear convinced though.  Charley began to kiss down her body, fingering her pussy.  He started working his little stretching toy again while tonguing her.  He turned and instructed her to suck his cock.  She eyed it hesitantly, therefore, he explained it’d be easier to slide in when wet.  With that, Kelly eagerly began sucking Charley’s cock.

Kelly and Charley continued sucking and licking each other until Kelly was out of her mind with pleasure.  She was rolling around on the floor begging for more and Charley wouldn’t quit.  This seemed to go on forever and I became antsy, nervous that Kelly’s moans would alert the rest of the family.  I kept looking over my shoulder but couldn’t keep my eyes from them for long.  Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Charley crawled up her body.

Sister Fucked Hard By Old Man Charley

Charley laid on top of my sister and positioned his cock at the opening of her pussy.  He leaned over to kiss her and then without any warning, he slammed his cock into her.  Kelly started to struggle and he murmured, “Lay still little one, relax.  It’s better this way.”  After a few minutes, he began to slide his full thick length in and out of her.  As Kelly started to relax and accommodate his size you could see her pleasure intensify.

Charley picked up his pace and bent his knees.  He angled his hips so his cock would drag along her G-Spot with each thrust.  He began pounding into Kelly harder and harder.  Just then, she began to thrash her head back and forth.  Charley covered her mouth as she screamed her with her orgasm and Charley exploded inside of her.  They lay still a few minutes catching their breath.  I couldn’t believe I just witnessed my sister fucked hard.  Then Charley withdrew and helped Kelly get dressed.  He settled her on the couch and then got dressed.  He kissed her on the forehead and said, “Merry Christmas” before walking out the front door.

I cleared my throat as I entered the room.  “Well,” I said, “I was going to hide this gift for you to find later but it seems to me you’ve already gotten your Christmas surprise!” Kelly blushed as I tossed her the package and walked away with a wink.

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