Working in the fashion industry has so many perks. Of course, rubbing elbows with all the famous designers is fabulous. Then, being about to provide lesbian coworker orientation to the tasty newbies is always so much fun.

A lot of these girls are fresh out of college. They are so eager to please us. Therefore, they are ready to do whatever it takes to succeed and keep their position once they are hired.

And, as a seasoned pro in this business, I am not ashamed to use my skills to take advantage of them. In fact, I do it all the time. Whether it is for my personal errands or a fantastic climax.

Yes, my favorite way is lesbian coworker orientation.

Obviously, this is not a formal orientation. My friends and I came up with it years ago. It is our own little game to educate and test the newbies. Of course, some don’t do well, and others flourish.

Furthermore, this is why I came up with my little orientation game. Not only do I qualify or disqualify our new hires, but I also end up with new playmates. And, I am doing them a favor as well.

My lesbian coworker orientation is unlike anything these girls have ever encountered before. Sure, some of them have been experimenting in college.

However, they haven’t had my style of lesbian sex.

Latina lesbian sex session with me is extremely intense. Of course, sometimes I meet a woman that takes charge. Rarely does that happen, and, it definitely isn’t happening with these newbies.

Every once in and while one of them thinks she can run our fun. Oh, how I love putting her in her place. During our sessions on lesbian coworker lesbian orientation, I am always in charge!

And, when I am running the fun, it can get pretty hot and heavy. I love making them sweat. Additionally, I want those pussies wet and creamy. It is always fun seeing how the girls react.

None of them are ready for my level of lesbian coworker orientation.

Of course, many of them don’t make it to the sex. As I start the seduction part and explain our process for onboarding and orientation, some will turn in their resignation.

Although others think it through, and even if they want to resign, proceed with caution. They are willing to give it a go so they can become a part of this world. I like them. And, then, there are those willing to do anything to succeed and thrive.

Those girls are wild and ready to be fucked and fuck. Of course, they are still naive in this area compared to my experience, but they are ready for my lesbian coworker orientation.

And, I am ready to give them all I can.

Especially, the naive girls. We start off with some nice wine and conversation. As they relax, I take it slowly with a massage and kissing. Once they start reacting to my attention, we move forward.

I love undressing them slowly. Making it about seduction. I take them to my bedroom and start exploring their bodies with my mouth and hands. Of course, they are immediately moaning for me.

From there, I am spreading their legs and tasted their pussy for the first time. It is so sweet and ready for me. Curious to know the rest of what happens during our lesbian coworker orientation?

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