Anyone that knows me, knows I am a wild woman. I love things to be outrageous and crazy. Of course, I also love men and women. So, a Latina lesbian sex session is just what I need this week.

In fact, it has been on my mind for a while now. Of course, life has been crazy busy so I haven’t had a chance to go out and find a hot playmate. That is, until recently.

She is drop-dead gorgeous. Long brunette hair, a curvy body, an amazing mind, and kinky like me. We started chatting a week or two ago, and finally got to meet via facetime a couple of weeks ago.

Tonight is our first date and then a Latina lesbian sex session.

This woman has a taste similar to mine. Just like me, she loves designer clothes and lingerie. Of course, she has a trust fund that keeps her looking spectacular twenty-four seven.

I am not going to lie, I am excited to date a wealthy woman. Sure, I have all my little pay piggies, but they are my bitches. It will be nice to have a strong, smart woman taking care of me.

Add in the hot Latina lesbian sex session time and it is a win-win. She is looking for a woman she can spoil. And, I am ready for that from someone. As a sexy findom goddess, I am mostly in charge of most of the men in my world.

I have a couple of sugar daddy men in my life too.

However, they are here for their money, not because I am craving them. Well, one of them is good in bed. He is above average and a lot of fun too. He is rare for the guys I am meeting.

So, it is nice to meet her and have this option in my life. We are going to a nice restaurant for dinner and back to her place for a Latina lesbian sex session. She is picking me up at my place.

It is time and she is here. I am wearing a sexy black dress with La Perla lingerie underneath. And, I have on silk thigh-high stockings and a garter belt. I want to look incredible when the clothes come off.

God, she is even more beautiful in person!

On the way to the restaurant, talking with her is so easy and comfortable. Dinner is exquisite at the place she chooses. And, on our way back to her place, we start making out in the limousine.

Looks like our Latina lesbian sex session is starting in the car. Her hands and mouth are exploring my body as I enjoy how soft her hands feel on me. She is sliding her hand along the inside of my thighs as I moan quietly.

Oh, that is nice. Her breath feels so good on my skin. Her lips are moving along the thigh now. She is pulling my panties aside and her lips touch the top of my pussy mound.

This is even better than I was imagining for our Latina lesbian sex session.

She slides her tongue between my pussy lips and starts to eat my pussy. Shit, she is good. In no time, I am cumming all over her face and we are pulling into her driveway.

Our night is insanely wild and amazing. If you want the rest of the details, and the Best Phone Sex, call me now!

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