So, I have to tell someone about my crazy night of wild lesbian sex. It all began over a few drinks with a friend and sexual conversation. Being the curious girl that I am, I began talking about my fetish of erotic asphyxiation or what others simply know as choking. I wanted to see if my girlfriend loved this fetish as much as I did. I led with my most memorable story. It was a story of HOT sex and let us not forget **giggle** choking. I have always loved the idea of reaching the point of an orgasm and having a choking apparatus wrapped around my neck only to intensify that heightened moment of sexual pleasure.

So, as we sat there discussing this fetish of mine, my girlfriend begins rubbing my leg. Her fingers were running up and down my thigh, as she slowly draws me into her. She begins moving her hand closer and closer to my inner thigh. I was doing my best not to allow it to affect my story, but we all know it was causing me to stumble over my words **wink**. I couldn’t help but take notice of her moving her hand up closer to my pussy. I leaned into to her and began to reciprocate her gestures. I started running my fingers up her thigh and moving my body closer into hers. I removed myself from the chair and moved over to her, straddling her as she sat in her chair. I started grinding my body on hers as she removed my shirt and unhooked the clasp on my bra, only to leave my tits in full view of her mouth. Taking my breasts in her hands, she began to nibble on my nipples with her teeth. I climbed off of her and grabbed her hand and proceeded to take her upstairs. I laid her on the bed and pulled out some of my favorite toys **wink**. A belt, a strap-on, a blindfold, a scarf, some lube, and handcuffs. I was going to make sure this was one hell of a “fucking” night.

I reached down and began to undress her. I began to unbutton her shirt and pull it off, only to leave her black lace bra exposed with her hard nipples underneath. I unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off of her, one leg at a time. Her body was tan and flawless. I wanted to bury myself in between her legs. I grabbed that sexy lace thong of hers and pulled it off. I was ready to devour her. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her closer to me. I kneeled down leaving her on the edge of the bed and started to caress her wet pussy. She began to moan, I knew she wanted it as bad as I did. Slowly licking, nibbling, and sucking on her clit, drove her insane. I continued on as I slid my fingers deep inside her pussy. Feeling her pussy tighten as I moved my fingers in and out, I found myself dripping down my legs. I stood up and reached for my strap-on. Carefully I put it on and spread her legs once again and began pounding away at her pussy. Harder and harder I began to thrust my hips. I knew this bitch enjoyed it. Her moans, her screams, her tight grip on the bed sheets told me all I needed to know. Fucking her wet pussy with this 10” strap-on was giving me ALL the control I wanted. She begged me to fuck her harder than anyone ever had. I was happy to oblige. I pulled out of her and grabbed her, flipped her over on the bed so her feet were on the floor, and went back to pounding that tight, wet pussy of hers.

I paused from thrusting her pussy to reach over and grab the handcuffs and the scarf. I was not about to allow her to have ANY control. First, I grabbed her left arm and pulled it behind her back and cuffed that wrist. Grabbing the right arm I did the same. Showing no mercy as I cuffed both hands behind her back, I grabbed the scarf and wrapped it around her neck. She always told me that she was intrigued by the idea of being choked while having an orgasm. She loved all of my stories and wanted to have the same experience. I was happy to give that to her. I wrapped the scarf around her neck a few times. With her hands held behind her back, the erotic apparatus to control her, I began pounding away at her pussy. I reached forward, grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as I continued to pound that pussy. Harder and harder, faster and faster I thrust my hips against her. Her begging to cum I let go of her hair, grab the scarf and begin to tighten it up as I prepared to choke her unlike anything she has ever felt. She was getting more and more aroused, with each thrust. Her moans told me that she was about to cum so I tightened the scarf each time she moaned. Closer and closer she was beginning to peak. Tighter and tighter I squeezed the scarf around her neck. Her body exploding as I rammed the 10” strap-on inside of her. I could hear her wanting to fight for air as I continued to tighten the scarf around her neck. She said she wanted an experience she would NEVER forget. **wink**

This experience for me was not only HOT but very much a moment of control for me. I loved dominating her body and controlling when and how intense her orgasm was. I loved being able to bring to a point of passion that was absolutely EROTIC. After I made her cum and choked her to the point of passing out, I released her and pulled out of her. For her final experience, I grabbed her, forced her to her knees and shoved that strap-on deep inside her throat, making her lick every last inch of her juices off of it. **Control that is what it is all about!! ** ** wink, wink**